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SPM Assets was founded by Steve Lyons and Chris Jenkins in 2001. SPM stands for sic parvis magna in Latin. Loosely translated, it means “great things from small beginnings.” The founders of the company believed that there was a smarter way to extend the life of physical assets and deliver better outcomes for stakeholders and this is how SPM Assets was born.

SPM Assets specialises in strategic asset management. They provide asset management services to organisations helping them take a pragmatic approach to project planning so they can make physical asset management easier and clearer.

SPM Assets’ comprehensive range of asset management services help companies obtain a better understand of their physical assets so that they can create effective asset management plans that comply with industry standards, eliminate risks, and reduce overall costs.

Their experienced team works alongside you to establish a solid asset management capability providing you with a complete solution. Together with an easy-to-use cloud-based asset management software, designed to provide accurate data and insights, you can master the property lifecycle asset management.

SPM Assets has a corporate head office and software development team located in Auckland, New Zealand and a customer service and sales team based in Sydney, Australia. They also have a growing presence in New York, USA and South Africa, working with organisations and assisting them with strategic asset management.

If you want to learn more about SPM Assets’ asset management services or if your organisation needs help creating asset management plans, you can request a free consultation or a personalised demo of their software at https://www.spmassets.com/.

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