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Tekfen Holding; a publicly traded company, with its affiliates, heads a specialized group of companies operating optimally to the highest ethical standards. Tekfen has created a difference through 60 years of accumulated expertise. Tekfen Group is a publicly traded group of companies consisting of 39 companies and 9 subsidiaries, and 14,000 employees. Founded in 1956 by three young civil engineers Feyyaz Berker, Nihat Gökyiğit and the late Necati Akçağlılar, today the Group operates in three core business areas: Contracting, Agri-industry and Real Estate Development. The Group is a leader in the Turkish business world, not only for its brands and market strength, but also for the values it represents.

Tekfen Holding ve bağlı grup şirketleri, konusuna odaklı, işini etik değerler çerçevesinde en iyi şekilde yapan ve 60 yıllık bilgi birikimiyle fark yaratmayı başaran bir şirketler topluluğudur. Temelleri 1956 yılında üç genç inşaat mühendisi Feyyaz Berker, Nihat Gökyiğit ve merhum Necati Akçağlılar tarafından atılan Tekfen Grubu, günümüzde 39 şirket ve 9 iştiraki bünyesinde bulunduran ve 14 bin kişiye istihdam sağlayan halka açık bir şirketler topluluğudur. Grup, faaliyetlerini Taahhüt, Tarımsal Sanayi ve Emlak Geliştirme olmak üzere üç ana başlık altında sürdürmektedir. Tekfen Holding, sahip olduğu markalar ve pazar gücünün yanı sıra temsil ettiği değerlerle de Türk iş dünyasının önde gelen temsilcilerinden biri.

Products & Services

Tekfen Industry and Trade
Tekfen Industry and Trade Co. Inc. was founded in 1963 with Turkish capital to manufacture lightbulbs, becoming Turkey’s first and only domestic lightbulb producer. The company, which also made insecticides, has operated for 51 years. Increasing competition in the sector, declining rates of profit and increasingly delayed payment terms led Tekfen Industry ceasing active commercial activity at the end of 2015.

To maintain the brands “Tekfen” in the lighting sector and “Fentox” in the insecticide sector, trademark use rights were ceded to a distributor. Tekfen Industry remains in name only, functioning as a collector of revenues derived from licensing the trademarks.


Tekfen Insurance Brokerage
Tekfen started its insurance brokerage operations in 1982 representing La Suisse Public Insurance and, in 1989, changed its name to Tekfen Insurance and Brokerage. Today, the company brokers 22 leading international and domestic insurance companies and provides comprehensive insurance coverage to Tekfen Group companies and Tekfen employees.

Tekfen Insurance’s corporate insurance expertise delivers the most comprehensive insurance coverage possible at the best premiums and terms of payment to Group companies operating in Turkey and abroad. The company also meets the personal insurance needs of Tekfen employees with the same meticulousness. Tekfen Insurance provides consultancy, damage services and after-sales support in personal and corporate insurance.

Antalya Studios
Antalya Studios was established in 1997 and became operational in 1998 to serve domestic and foreign film producers. With an area of 186,000 sqm and the beautiful scenery of the Toros Mountains in the backdrop allowing for outside shooting as well, it is one of Europe’s largest film sets.

The studio is equipped with 3 halls, two of which can be merged into one 3,000 m2 soundproof studio and a number of workshops suitable for the various needs of the production crews.

Antalya Studios hosted the shooting of many important scenes of the feature film “Ertuğrul,” a Turkish-Japanese production commemorating the 125th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Ertuğrul frigate during a visit to Japan. Under Tekfen’s strategy of concentrating on its key business areas, efforts to sell or secure the Studio’s long-term lease to an investor continued.

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