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THINK ABOUT IT is a Danish company highly specialized in the Enneagram to grow and expand personal excellence.

– Training more than 50,000 students
– More than 130,000 people use our Enneagram test
– Take the 100% FREE Enneagram Test

Enneagram Expert Flemming Christensen is the CEO at THINK ABOUT IT and the creator of several Enneagram applications and a 28-day training program that supports Enneagram enthusiasts in their daily use of the Enneagram. Since 1996, one of his most significant contributions to the Enneagram community is the extensive use in leadership training and team development in business and public sector organizations. International companies like AbbVie, Danske Bank, LEGO, Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, and Philips use the Enneagram to grow and expand personal excellence. Please read the profile: for more information.

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