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When young minds unleash their voracious ambitions, dreams, and aspirations the outcome is always awe-inspiring. Some years back a group of young professional enthusiasts perceived the idea of starting a company that would provide virtual assistance to offshore clients. They realized that by providing 24X7 services they can actually assist their clients with their entrepreneurial, business, and personal tasks. This will minimize the client’s work pressure as all the time-consuming tasks will be performed by the virtual assistants. The idea was novel and the determination was overwhelming. The result was the establishment of Transfer Task Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Transfer Task) in 2017. Comprising of a group of talented virtual assistants, Transfer Task provides 24X7 virtual assistance services to the clients all over the globe.
‘We’ at Transfer Task…
“Since our inception, it has been our aim to provide the highest quality services to our clients. Our diverse services are tailored to meet the business, entrepreneurial and personal needs of our clients. We provide call answering services, customer services, sales service, online accounting assistance, marketing services, research services, writing services, and outsource HR services to our offshore clients. We help our clients build distribution networks. Our real estate clients are benefited by the services of our real estate virtual assistants, who are always alert to meet the clients’ specific business needs. Our team of skilled virtual assistants ensures that each task is carried on with precision and completed on time.
We have our own web management team that assists our clients with website design and development, mobile app development, social media marketing, internet marketing, and search engine optimization. We aim to meet our clients’ demands with a smile and each new project we take up enriches our knowledge in the particular field.
Connect with us and you get VAs with different skill-sets ready to perform your work in a jiffy!”

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Virtual Assistant Services: Virtual personal assistance is the core service expertise of the Transfer Task. We help business owners by taking care of their non-core business tasks through our virtual assistant services from India. Our personal assistants can help you with travel package bookings, appointment scheduling, and planning your week. Hire a personal assistant to make life easier, now.

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Transfer Task – Virtual Assistant Services