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Australian cities are in a state of high growth and transition. No longer do Australia cities solely develop outwards on the fringe, creating disparate communities with long commutes to places of work, retail or leisure.

Whether brownfields or greenfields, new residential development in Australia increasingly seeks to integrate land-uses in ways that would have been unheard of 50 years ago.

Right across the country, many people live, and many more aspire to live, an urban lifestyle.

But how are Australian cities enabling those aspirations?

Inclusive of covering the policy, the infrastructure and the motivation behind urban development, Urban.com.au’s focus rests on the development projects which are at the vanguard of the evolution underway in Australian cities.

The scope of Urban.com.au’s development database is national and allows us to produce and distribute information and news across multiple accessible platforms which are wrapped in an intimate knowledge at the local level.

Urban.com.au is a platform for progressive change and we don’t shy away from adding our voice to local, state and national debates, especially those which involve the direction of Australia’s metropolitan regions.

Whether you’re searching for your next home or you’re just interested in what makes Australian cities tick, Urban.com.au challenges the status quo with an authenticity that is honest, local and relevant.

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