Valley Cottage Vets

Valley Cottage Vets

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Choose Valley Cottage Vets Vet for the best care for your pet
Searching for a customer-orientated experience for your priceless pet?
You have actually come to the ideal place.

Veterinarian with dogs
Time to care
Ideal pet care is improved relationships.

This takes some time and a ‘time to care’ vet business model. Join our pet-loving community to end up being a member of Wellington’s favourite veterinarian.

Pet care know-how
A diverse, empathetic, and also resilient team delivering uncompromised veterinary care.

With veterinary specialist referral as well as after-hours emergency situation medical facility assistance, the ‘do what’s finest for pet always’ is not our by-line, it is what sets us besides the remainder.

Pet care sanctuary
Heart and also the well-being of our people have actually built the foundations of our neighborhood as well as separately owned business.

Reflected in our clinical environment and also veterinary expert team, we have actually grown with Wellington’s animal-loving area supporting us.

Valley Cottage Vets