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We are one of the most pioneering, successful Greek companies, with a leading presence to the area of bottled water.

The firm commitment of CHITOS S.A. to the principles of total quality as far as the produced product is concerned, allows it to support with responsibility the fact that every drop of the Natural Mineral Water “ZAGORI” preserves unchanging the nature of Epirus.

We have two privately owned recognized springs of natural mineral water and two bottling plants, with eight production lines to the regions of Perivleptos and Kranoula of the broader region of Zagorochoria. At the same time, it has a third industrial plant to the Industrial Zone (VI.PE.) of Ioannina, in which are manufactured pet – preforms and plastic caps through vertical integration and supporting of the two fillers operation.

Established in Ioannina, we started our soft drink bottling business in 1955 and we launched our famous “ZAGORI” Natural Mineral Water in 1988. Slowly and steadily, we have become a dynamically growing Company, constantly and substantially contributing to the Greek economy.

Our solid commitment to total quality principles allows us to responsibly claim that every drop of ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water keeps the nature of Epirus pure and intact.

Vision/ Goals

Market leader CHITOS S.A. focuses on growth. Even during hard times, Chitos S.A. successfully manages to protect its share without loaning. A key chapter in CHITOS S.A.’s strategic focus is export. “ZAGORI” Natural Mineral Water is exported to more than 24 countries worldwide, like the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, S. Africa, Russia and many more.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Respect for people, values, willpower, creation and equality is a key part of our philosophy.

Many years ago, in the early 2000s, our company decided to integrate a new philosophy into its strategy: solidarity to people in real need. Led by ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water, this purposeful corporate decision has grown into substantial work and contribution. We are currently involved as an active member of society in the country’s growth and progress, leaving our own valuable social footprint.

With official authorities and recognized non-governmental organizations as fellow partners and associates, ZAGORI constantly helps and supports children, parents, families, and the people and society in Greece and abroad. Over our long course of business, we have learned to stay true to our reputation and mutual trust we have built with consumers, giving back to the community all the love and fondness we have received.

Environmental Awareness

CHITOS S.A. ensures that we offer consumers the most valuable good of nature, water, in excellent quality, as pure as at the moment it springs from the source. Staying true to this principle, we have adopted an environment and consumer-friendly quality operation standard, focusing on green development, sustainability and innovation.

Products & Services

ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water is concentrated beneath the surface of the earth in natural aquifer basins on the slopes of the Pindos mountain range, in one of the most picturesque, protected and pristine areas of Greece, the region of Zagorochoria.

Throughout its long underground journey, it is subject to changes in its physical and chemical composition, thus obtaining its unique features. Its balanced and pure composition is a result of the natural absorption of metals from geological formations it encounters along its journey to the spring. There, at the foot of Mount Mitsikeli, protected from any external effects and environmental pollution, the water is obtained and forwarded for immediate bottling, straight from the source.

ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water is bottled straight from the source, using cutting-edge equipment, without any human intervention throughout the entire process from drawing the water to selling the product, free from any further processing.

We produce ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water in compliance with the highest quality standards and the EU and national laws.

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