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Disruptive Technology: Learning from Nature​ | Chadwick Wasilenkoff

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Disruptive Technology: Learning from Nature​ | Chadwick Wasilenkoff

March 29, 2021 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

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Disruptive Technology: Learning from Nature

Chad Wasilenkoff
Founder & CEO, Helicoid Industries

Chad Wasilenkoff, is the Founder & CEO of Helicoid Industries Inc.
Chad is a senior executive with verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives with start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change companies.

Chad has been recognized as a winner of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, RISI’s list of 50 Most Influential People in the Global Forest Industry, and Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 under 40. Established media presence including Bloomberg TV, BNN, CNBC, BBC, CNN, Fox Business News and various other TV, radio, and print media.

Biomimetic Composite Technology
Enhancing Impact and Toughness Performance

Helicoid Industries emulates the incredible strength of the Mantis shrimp and as a result makes composites lighter, stronger, more impact resistant, and all at an overall lower production cost.

Helicoid Industries is utilizing a licensing model to target numerous industries simultaneously, which will provide a diverse revenue base. The company was founded in March of 2019 by a seasoned entrepreneur with numerous successful ventures.

Millions of years ago, the "smasher" Mantis shrimp, one of nature's feistiest predators, evolved to develop an internal structure to protect its hammer-like club it uses to pulverize prey with incredible speed and force. The unique structure that forms the Mantis shrimp's club protects it from self-inflicting damage as it crushes hard-shelled prey. It is not the material, but the structure that provides the strength and toughness. The material is organized in sheets of locally parallel fibers that are stacked, and each layer is rotated. It is incredibly tough and demonstrates superior impact resistant.

This unique architecture is called a Helicoid™ and this disruptive technology has now been broadly patented by The Regents of California and licensed to Helicoid Industries Inc. to commercialize its use in composite materials. Helicoid Industries Inc. is commercializing the technology and plans to implement this technology to improve traditional composite products and materials currently on the market.

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