Leading Entrepreneurs of the World

Leading Entrepreneurs of the World
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Leading Entrepreneurs of the World - One World, One Business World

Leading Entrepreneurs of the World is one of the most comprehensive entrepreneurial platforms and events in the world and features entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders presenting on cutting-edge topics and the latest industry developments.

The LEW platform aims at providing a leadership roadmap and framework for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to enable them to address key priorities and challenges facing business today.


2022 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World

2022 Conference
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Industries & Sectors

Business leaders from a wide range of industries expand on key topics, industry trends and updates.

Business Products & Services
Financial Services
Technology Hardware & Software
IT & Cybersecurity
Communications & Marketing
Media & Entertainment
Consumer Products & Services
E-Commerce & Retail
Real Estate & Construction
Tourism & Hospitality
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Energy Solutions
Space & Universe
Industrials & Manufacturing
Logistics & Transportation

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