Global Business Profile

Interactive mirrors for fashion retail that transform shopping experience, improve quality of service, increase revenue and provide unique data to retailers

Leadership: Alek Safar, CEO

Industry: Software

Location: New York, NY

Founded: 2016

Employees: 11




Mirow develops smart recommendation systems for fitting rooms based on interactive mirrors with touchscreens, that allow customers to get recommendations, call for assistance and get their items in desired size or color. In e-commerce recommendations drive up to 15% of total revenue, and Mirow bringing this powerful tool to offline market, increasing revenue by up to 8% - these are actual numbers that we have verified.


Mirow equips fitting rooms with interactive touch mirrors and sensors that allow customers:

  • to identify the items that customer wants to try on using RFID or barcode scanner
  • to provide instant personalized recommendations based on items in the room
  • to provide information on discounts and special offers or allow to see what’s in stock
  • to ask for a salesperson right from the fitting room or request an item in different size or color
  • to easily join rewards programs

The system is built right into the mirror and is always the center of attention and is controlled via intuitive multitouch interface — just like your phone or tablet.

It is a comprehensive solution that includes hardware, software, integration and support - all that for a small monthly fee based on subscription model.


For business, Mirow provides both sales uplift and unique data, as through Mirow's solution, retailers can better understand their customers, know what items their customers try on and which ones they end-up buying. Retailers can analyse and compare the data, and can then calculate conversion rates for different items, while they can also retrieve unique insights that can help them to better optimize stock, inventory and prices.


The Mirow list of clients includes companies, like: Adidas Group, Ikea (their subsidiary Mega), Mustang, Puma, Quiksilver and many others.


Mirow's demo video: Mirow Interactive Fitting Rooms


Headquarters & Contact Info

New York, NY
e-mail: business@mirowtech.com
tel: +1-415-230-05-90

Twitter: @MirowTech

Website: mirowtech.com