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Three Methods for Loop YouTube Videos on iOS and Android (2020)

Since YouTube Music came out, I have left Spotify and am no longer a subscriber. I now primarily listen to podcasts and music on YouTube. I occasionally find songs that I have to loop in order to get them out of my system. The YouTube app does not allow you to loop tracks, whereas the Spotify mobile app does.

On the other hand, you can loop youtube videos on the desktop edition of YouTube. In case you didn't know, all you need to do is right-click the video area and select the "Loop" button to get started. But I'm very certain that YouTube won't be making this feature available any time soon on their official Android and iOS apps.

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Why is there no "Loop" option on YouTube for iOS and Android?

While we are accustomed to receiving amazing services from Google for free, such as Google Maps, Search, YouTube, etc. We frequently overlook the fact that Google is a for-profit company that relies on advertising for revenue. The likelihood of successfully displaying advertisements decreases as more people start playing the same video again. Simply put, a built-in loop feature is bad for Google's operations. They eventually introduced it to the desktop version after nine years of requests, but it won't be available anytime soon on mobile.

On iOS and Android, you may still loop YouTube videos, despite this. For both Android and iOS, there are some workarounds that allow you to loop a video directly from the YouTube app. Although it's far from flawless like the web version, it serves its purpose.

1. Play a YouTube video repeatedly on a mobile browser

This technique, which I recently learned about, turns out to be the simplest way to loop a music on a smartphone. The key in this situation is getting the Android smartphone's web browser to play the YouTube video. Unfortunately, iOS is incompatible with the same scam.

First, open a browser and type "m.youtube.com" into the address bar before clicking "Go." This prevents the browser from launching the YouTube app by default. Once the website has loaded, select "Desktop site" by checking the box next to the meatball menu button (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner.

Just search for and launch your preferred video. Now, zoom in and hold down the right-click button while swiping over the video area to see the menu. Select "Loop" from the list of possibilities. Your videos would then loop once you did that till you closed the browser.

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2. Play a video repeatedly in the YouTube app

There is also a straightforward solution for the YouTube app if you don't like the mobile browser approach demonstrated above. The key here is to create a playlist, add a single video to it, and then loop the playlist. It functions flawlessly on both iOS and Android. Both the iOS and Android versions of the YouTube app are very similar. Therefore, the playlist can also be created and looped on the iPhone using the instructions below.

Open the YouTube app and start playing your preferred video. To make a new playlist, click the Save option beneath the video.

Simply name the playlist, that's all. To play the video, just hit the play button on the playlist at this point.

With a few control buttons and a list of songs, the video would begin playing. To repeat that particular song, tap the loop symbol.

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3. Loop YouTube videos using outside applications

Although using the aforementioned method to loop a single song on your smartphone is a bit excessive, apps are available online for this purpose. There are many apps available for Android and iOS that allow you to quickly loop the full video or even just a certain section of it.

Using Android

Install Repeat YouTube Video after downloading it from the Google Play Store. The download of the software is free. Simply launch the YouTube app after downloading the app, then play the music you want to loop. To open the Share Sheet, tap the Share icon.

The "Repeat YT Video" button may be found on the Share Sheet. Simply tap to start your video playing in the third party on repeat forever.

On iOS

Install Repeat YouTube Video from the App Store to use the same app that is already available for iOS. After installing the app, open the YouTube app, play the song, and then touch the Share button.

The URL will now be copied to the clipboard when you hit the Copy Link button. Simply launch the Repeat YouTube app we just downloaded, and it will instantly start playing the video on loop after downloading the video from the URL.

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Final Words

These are a few methods for playing YouTube videos continuously on iOS and Android. Depending on your needs, you can either utilize the Playlist function in the official YouTube app, a third-party software, or even a web browser to play YouTube videos. Here is a brief film that illustrates the same in visual form.

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