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11 Best Weekend Deals: Games, Phones, and Headphones

After almost two months of sheltering in place, it’s easy to start to feel more than a little stir-crazy. You might be looking for new ways to cope with, well, existing. Are you working on your mixology skills? We’ve got a guide to the Best Bar Accessories. Or perhaps you’re aiming to exercise more—our workout from home guide and advice on the Best Running Socks could be of some assistance. It’s also always a good time to play board games, and we have an explainer on how to do it remotely with your pals.

If you’re looking for deals, this weekend there are a few that might help make your new routines feel more stable—or at least tolerable. We’ve rounded up discounts on gear that’ll make your home office more efficient (even if that “office” is your bed). And as always, we’ve found some price drops on games and content to watch. No matter how you’re spending the weekend, we hope it’s a good one.

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Streaming, Gaming, and Audio Deals

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  • Battlefield 4 (PC Digital Code) for $3: If you’re on the hunt for a new PC game to add to your library, this price makes this title a no-brainer. There are still plenty of people playing it online, despite it being an older game, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding matches.

  • Overcooked 2 (Nintendo Switch Digital Code) for $15 ($10 off): This is one of our favorite Nintendo Switch games, and we especially like it for online co-op. Work with up to four players to cook in collaboration and defeat the unbread.

  • Parks and Recreation Complete Series for $30 ($20 off): Be sure to select the HDX option to snag this deal in the highest quality possible. While Parks and Rec is free to watch on a lot of streaming services, that doesn’t grant you ownership over the content. If you’re a die-hard fan, this deal is a good way to make sure you’ll always be able to rewatch.

  • Sling TV Happy Hour for Free (Select Markets): Sling is offering a Happy Hour promotion with no end date in sight (though we don’t expect it to last forever). If you live in an area where it’s offered, you can get free access to Sling Blue every night from 5 pm Eastern to midnight. That means more than 50 cable channels are up for grabs, and you can also pick from a large selection of free on-demand content. No credit card information is required—all you need to sign up is your name, zip code, and email address. You can stream on up to three screens, so the whole family can get involved. Channels include Fox, TBS, CBS, SyFy, and dozens more. If you’re in need of new stuff to watch, this is a great option.

Clothing and Outdoor Deals

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13 Best Deals This Weekend: AirPods, Roomba, LG TVs, and More

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Headphone and Mobile Deals

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Computer and Gaming Deals

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When you buy something using the links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Here’s how it works. You can also support our reporting and reviewing by purchasing a 1-year print + digital WIRED subscription for $5 (Discount).

Mattress and Home Deals

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Outdoor Gear and Apparel Deals

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