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Master Leadership Skills Backed by Science With This Bundle

16-Hours of Content to Take Managing to the Next Level.

Master the Science of Memory, Leadership & Focus Bundle

Self-improvement is an attribute many of us would like to keep working on, but sometimes we may have a hard time knowing where to start. The Master the Science of Memory, Leadership, and Focus Bundlebrings you everything you need to finesse your leadership skills — all backed by, you guessed it, science. Plus, the complete bundle is now only $34.99.

Packed with 16 hours of psychological methodologies, this powerful bundle will help in bringing out the best version of yourself. Courses on how to properly focus, improving your coaching skills, ways to deal with stress, and so much more will allow you to dive deep into your mind and figure out how bad habits can be changed to make your professional life thrive even more. You’ll have access to topics such as techniques to beat procrastination, bettering your communication with colleagues, and even a course dedicated to parents, teaching you how to help children develop a healthy brain from an early age and get a leg up on their development.

Whether you’re at a c-level position or you are just starting as a manager, this complete bundle aims to bridge the gap between a century of science and 21st-century managers and strives to help improve the way you manage all aspects of your leadership. With over 250 lessons and 16 hours of content, you’ll be able to come back and visit each topic whenever you want. Certification of completion is also included once you have finished the courses, allowing for a great leadership tool to present at your current or next endeavor.

While the Master the Science of Memory, Leadership, and Focus Bundle is typically sold for up to $2,000, you can learn leadership skills for only $34.99. Take advantage of this fantastic deal and improve your professional process today.

Prices subject to change.