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“Inspired to Create” LGBTQ+ Photo Contest Winner Announced

Shutterstock is pleased to announce the winner of the first-ever contributor photo contest “Inspired to Create” for images portraying everyday life in the LGBTQ+ community.

Most photographers you speak with probably didn’t get their start in stock photography from a career in real estate, but that’s the story behind the winner of the first-ever contributor photo contest, “Inspired to Create.”

A few weeks ago, we ran a photo contest for contributors in the U.S. and Canada. Entrants were asked to submit a photo showcasing the LGBTQ community in everyday scenarios like cooking dinner, walking the dog, or taking the kids to the park. We received many great submissions, but unfortunately there could only be one winner.

The overall winner of “Inspired to Create” is Noel Fleming for his photo “Couple watching the sunset on the beach” (see above).

Second runner up is Svamiangela for her photo, “Two women in love in a crowd.”

“Inspired to Create” LGBTQ+ Photo Contest Winner Announced — Two Women in Love in a Crowd

Third runner up is Felix Mizioznikov for his photo, “Young women embrace and kiss.”

“Inspired to Create” LGBTQ+ Photo Contest Winner Announced — Young Women Embrace and Kiss

Behind the winning photo

We had a chance to speak with Noel about his winning photo and how he turned stock photography into a side gig in addition to his 9-5 as a real estate agent in Colorado. But before we get to that, first, here’s what he had to say about the photo he submitted for the contest:

“Michael and Warren are good friends of my girlfriend and I. We met up with them on a trip we took to Nags Head, North Carolina. They own a successful art gallery in Denver called Michael Warren Contemporary. Michael and Warren, a very sweet couple, are married and share the business together. We had all gone down to Jockey’s Ridge, a popular spot to sit and enjoy the views when I captured this romantic moment at sunset.”

Feeding his passion

Since Noel got into photography eighteen years ago, his main focus has been pictures of people as well as sunsets and landscapes. His passion for photography stems from creating videos of homes he was selling and putting them up on the real estate agency’s website, Cinema Realty. He describes himself as self-taught, watching YouTube tutorials so he could learn how to use his camera and apply different techniques.

The next frontier

A lot has changed technology-wise since Noel began shooting videos of homes. He’s now gotten into drone videography and photography to offer potential buyers the closest experience to viewing a house in person. Noel plans to continue his learning of new photography technologies and techniques. He’s also just getting into using 3-D projectors to project images onto objects that he plans to photograph.

We look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

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