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16 Staycation Ideas: How to Create the Ultimate Summer Vacation at Home

Summertime brings warmer weather, longer days, and dreams of vacations to beaches or new cities. But what happens when your vacation gets canceled, you’re budgeting to afford a new house, or travel just isn’t possible because we still need to stay at home? The answer is simple — enjoy a vacation at home. Whether it’s creating a spa in your bathroom or turning your dining space into a restaurant, here are some simple and fun staycation ideas you can use to transform your home into the ultimate summer vacation.

Recreate a spa in your bathroom

One of the most popular staycation ideas is transforming your bathroom into a spa. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice relaxation during your staycation. With a few simple changes, you can easily recreate a tranquil retreat in your bathroom or en suite.

1. Clear out any visible counter clutter
Make sure to tidy up your bathroom and clear off any clutter on the countertops. Now’s a great time to throw out any old products you haven’t used in a while and make your space as clean as possible.

2. Light candles and set up oil diffusers
Whether you have extra candles lying around in a cabinet or prefer to use essential oils, now’s the time to bring them out. Scents of lavender and bergamot essential oils will help bring that spa feel to your home. If you want a beach-side atmosphere instead, consider lighting a coconut vanilla candle.

3. Splurge on the amenities
While spending a spa day in your bathroom may not seem like the most luxurious at-home vacation, it can be with some new towels, robes, and other spa favorites. Splurging on nice towels will bring a luxurious feel to your normal bathroom and maybe even pick up some spa essentials from your favorite local spa to really feel like you’re on vacation.

Redecorate your living room into a lounge

You’ve likely been spending a lot of time in your living room these days and are getting used to the same scenery. If you’re looking for a more unique staycation idea, then consider updating your living room. With a few redecorating tips you can transform your living room into a brand new space reminiscent of a hotel lounge. 

4. Rearrange your furniture
Give new life to your living space by rearranging your furniture in a way you hadn’t thought of before. Try moving your couch across the room or pulling some lounge chairs from another room in your house. By simply moving around furniture in your living room or consulting with an interior designer, you can easily create a new look. 

5. Change up pillows, throws, and decor
Sprucing up your current decor is an easy way to upgrade to your living room and bring that vacation feeling to life. Think about switching out pillow covers or blankets to something more colorful. Another easy swap is changing up your bookshelves by displaying trinkets from past vacations or adding some travel books to your coffee table. 

6. Create a minibar
If you’ve always wanted to decorate your end tables with liquor bottles or set up a minibar in the corner of the room, test it out. All you’ll need is a table to house your favorite drinks, as well as some cocktail supplies like glasses, shakers, and stirrers for a simple yet functional minibar. This may be one of the staycation ideas you end up liking so much that it becomes a permanent home bar setup after your staycation has ended. 

Turn your dining space into a restaurant

This is one of the simplest, yet most transformative staycation ideas. By easily changing the feel of your dining room, you can make it more reminiscent of a cozy restaurant for a date night or a cafe you’d find on vacation. 

7. Add flowers or plants to create a centerpiece
Order a nice flower arrangement from your favorite florist or take some flowers from your backyard to spruce up the interior of your kitchen. If you have access to a garden center, pick up some plants that remind you of your favorite summer vacation spots to create a colorful centerpiece for your dining table. 

8. Make use of your formal dining room and nice dishware
When was the last time you ate dinner in your formal dining room that wasn’t for a holiday or special occasion? Treat your staycation like a special occasion and have your meals in your dining room. Better yet, put your nicer dishware to use as if you were dining at a Michelin star restaurant for a date night. 

9. Turn your outdoor space into a cozy dining area
There’s no need to worry about forgetting to book an outdoor table at your favorite restaurant when you vacation at home. Adding a seating or dining area will upgrade your staycation. If your outdoor tables have seen better days, spend an afternoon cleaning off that furniture or adding a fresh coat of paint or lacquer to those well-loved dining chairs.

Spruce up your backyard 

Whether you live in a condo in Dallas and just have a small patio, or you live in Phoenix with a large backyard and a pool, there’s a handful of simple updates you can do to give your backyard a resort-like feel.

10. Freshen up your garden with new plants
Make your backyard feel more like a paradise by planting some new flowers or greenery. Whether that’s adding in-season plants or experimenting with a new flower, like gardenias, they’ll add a paradise-like feel and give new life to your backyard. If you don’t have a green thumb, contact your local landscaping company to turn your garden into a tropical paradise. 

11. Give your outdoor furniture an upgrade
Whether that’s re-paneling your Adirondack chairs or purchasing some new outdoor cushions for your pool lounges,changing up your outdoor furniture can make all the difference. If you’ve been meaning to invest in a new patio table or a cozy hammock chair, what better time than before your staycation? 

12. Brighten up your backyard with lights
By adding some new lights to your backyard or patio, it’ll upgrade your staycation evenings as the sun sets. The options are endless, from simple LED tiki torches to having a professional install a custom lighting landscape. Adding lights will bring that magical vacation feel to your backyard and keep your staycation going throughout the summer.

13. Set up an outdoor audio system
Whether you’re planning on dining in your backyard or setting up a movie night, you’ll want to add speakers or a sound system to your outdoor space. Think about investing in an audio setup that works throughout your home as well as outdoors, making it useful throughout the year. This simple upgrade will help transform your backyard into the ultimate staycation set-up.

Transform your bedroom into a hotel suite

For many people, escaping to a relaxing destination and staying at a nice hotel is one of the best parts of a vacation. You can easily transform your current bedroom into a luxury escape with a few tweaks to your current decor. 

14. Switch your bed linens
Chances are you have some spare linens saved for the occasional house guest, so now’s the time to break them out. Switching out your current bedding for freshly cleaned white linens will help evoke that tranquil calmness of a resort during your staycation.

15. Spend the night in your guest bedroom
Better yet, if you’ve got a spare bedroom, plan to spend your staycation nights here. Without guests, your spare bedroom may be going unused, so make use of it as your dedicated hotel room. You’ll get a break from your normal nightly routine and wake up to different scenery without having to change a thing. 

16. Update your framed photos with vacation photos
Spice up your current decor with pictures of those far-away places you planned on traveling to this summer, like a beautiful national park. Print out your favorite photos, or ones from past vacations, to remind you of the pristine beaches or evergreen forests while you enjoy your vacation at home. 

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12 Ways to Reduce Indoor Allergens in Your Home

If you suffer from allergies you are not alone. Did you know that over 50 million Americans suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies? It doesn’t matter if you live in a house in Portland, OR or a condo in New York, NY, allergens are everywhere, including inside your home. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, the same variables that cause your indoor allergies can also trigger asthma-related symptoms. 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for allergies. You can, however, manage or reduce your indoor allergies with preventive measures. For indoor allergies, the first step is to understand what can cause them and then take the necessary steps to minimize or eliminate those causes. Rather than being overwhelmed by all the possible allergens in your home, it’s easier to take a step-by-step approach through each room to identify and control where possible allergens may be coming from. 

Reduce indoor allergens throughout your house

The best place to start to control your allergies is at the front door. Once the allergen gets inside you have more work to do to keep it contained. Here are some key whole-house allergy prevention tips:

1. Declutter your home

Take a good look around and remove any items that have been collecting dust – and therefore allergens. This list includes tabletop decorations, knickknacks, magazines, and books. If you have children you’ll want to store children’s toys, stuffed animals, and games in plastic bins. Regular dusting is an important part of reducing allergens in your home, and reducing the amount of clutter will help eliminate spaces where dust is more likely to accumulate.

2. Have everyone – family and visitors alike – remove their shoes at the door 

Outdoor allergens like pollen and mold can enter your home on your clothing or the bottom of your shoes. Once inside, these allergens hide in the carpet and make their way into your ventilation system where they are much harder to eliminate. 

3. Make sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter

After you kick up dust or your children decide to walk into the house with their shoes on, the vacuum is your best friend. A vacuum with a HEPA filter gives you the best chance to contain and reduce allergens. A HEPA filter is a small-particle or a high-efficiency particulate air filter.

4. Dust and deep clean your home regularly 

Use a damp rag to help grab the dust particles and prevent them from flying up into the air. Dust mites are the most common trigger of year-round allergies – and they thrive in the dust in our homes. Regular dusting will help you keep the dust mite population at bay and reduce your allergic reactions to dust.  

5. Use a good air-purifying system to reduce indoor allergens

You’ve removed your shoes, busted the clutter, and embraced a regular dust-and-vacuum routine. The next step is to install a high-quality air-purifying system – one that uses a HEPA filter – to catch those pesky no-see-um particles. 

6. Set your thermostat to 70 degrees or lower

Hot, humid environments are proven breeding grounds for insects and mold. According to the Mayo Clinic, when you keep the temperature between 68° F (20° C) and 72° F (22° C) and hold relative humidity no higher than 50 percent, you’ll reduce many common allergens. 

7. Replace your old carpet and eliminate extra textiles

If you continue to suffer from allergy symptoms, it might be time to replace your carpet and take down the curtains. You will reduce the habitat for allergens in your home by replacing old carpets with new ones or hardwood, tile, or vinyl, and also washing any area rugs on a regular basis. 

8. Add air-cleaning houseplants in each room

Certain houseplants can help clean indoor air of pet dander and keep humidity levels under control. Plants can be both beautiful and beneficial. A NASA study found the following houseplants to be the most beneficial: 

  • Areca Palm – Humidifies naturally
  • Lady Palm – Filters ammonia
  • Bamboo Palm – Grows tall in low light
  • Golden Pothos – Requires little maintenance
  • Philodendron – Removes formaldehyde
  • Gerber Daisy – Reduces benzene levels
  • Dracaena – Absorbs and holds allergens

9. Clean your air vents regularly, including your central air conditioning (AC) filter

If you’re not a plant person but want to keep your internal ventilation clean, the next best thing is to get your air vents cleaned regularly and replace your furnace and AC filters. Run external dehumidifiers and air purifiers with HEPA filters to reduce your indoor allergies.

Reduce bedroom allergens

According to the Sleep Foundation, we spend a third of our lives asleep. That equates to approximately 7 to 8 hours spent in our bedrooms per day. Is it any wonder that our bedrooms are one of the largest dust factories in our homes?

10. Put bed protectors in place to keep dust mites at bay

Those pesky dust mites are everywhere. In your bedroom, the best way to control or eliminate them is to put a dust-mite protective cover over your box spring, mattress, and pillow – under your regular bedding of course. Wash sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and comforters once a week in water heated to at least 130° F (54° C). Consider replacing any wool or feather bedding with synthetic materials.

11. Banish cats, dogs, and other animals from your bed to reduce animal dander

Did you know 3 in 10 people have allergic reactions to their pets? We all love our pets, but if you and your family suffer from indoor allergies you will want to keep the animals out of the bedroom. Another good practice is to bathe pets once a week to reduce the amount of dander they shed. Also, to help the transition, think about getting them their own bed to keep them out of yours.

12. Clean your shower head to eliminate mold growth and spores

Showerheads should be cleaned weekly and soaked once a month. This will reduce bacteria and mold buildup. The shower’s hot, humid environment makes the showerhead a perfect breeding ground for mold and other germs that then get sprayed onto your hair and body in the shower. When you clean the showerhead regularly, you’ll reduce this problem. 

Allergies plague millions of people. Take a few steps to safeguard the interior of your home and you will reduce many common allergens and take better control of your indoor allergies.

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