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The iRig Pro Duo makes managing advanced audio workflows simple anywhere

Connecting audio interfaces to the various mobile and computing devices we use these days can be a confusing headache. The iRig Pro Duo, which IK Multimedia announced this year at CES and recently released, is a great way to simplify those connections while giving you all the flexibility you need to record high-quality audio anywhere, with any device.

The basics

The iRig Pro Duo is a new addition to IK’s lineup based on the original iRig Pro, which adds a second XLR input, as the name implies. It’s still quite small and portable, fitting roughly in your hand, with built-in power optionally supplied via two AA batteries, while you can also power it via USB connection, or with an optional dedicated plug-in power adapter accessory.

Compared to desktop devices like the Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 USB audio interface that’s a popular standard among home audio enthusiasts, the iRig Pro Duo is downright tiny. It’s still beefier than the iRig Pro, of course, but it’s a perfect addition to a mobile podcaster’s kit for ultimately portability while also maintaining all the features and capabilities you need.

The iRig Pro Duo also includes balanced L/R 1/4″ output, built-in 48v phantom power for passive Macs, a 3.5mm stereo jack for direct monitoring, 2x MIDI inputs and dedicated gain control with simple LED indicators for 48V power status and to indicate audio input peaking.


Beveled edges and a slightly rounded rectangular box design might not win the iRig Pro Duo any accolades from the haute design community, but it’s a very practical form factor for this type of device. Inputs go in one side, and output comes out the other. IK Multimedia employs a unique connector for its output cables, but provides every one you could need in the box for connecting to Mac, iOS, Windows and Android devices.

The whole thing is wrapped in a matte, slightly rubberized outside surface that feels grippy and durable, while also looking good in an understated way that suits its purpose as a facilitation device. The knobs are large and easy to turn with fine-grained control, and there are pads on the underside of the Duo to help it stick a bit better to a surface like a table or countertop.

The lighting system is pretty effective when it comes to a shorthand for what’s on and working with your system, but this is one area where it might be nice to have a more comprehensive on-device audio levels display, for instance. Still, it does the job, and since you’ll likely be working with some kind of digital audio workflow software whenever you’re using it that will have a much more detailed visualizer, it’s not really that much of an issue.

Bottom line

As mentioned, iRig Pro Duo works with virtually all platforms out of the box, and has physical connector cables to ensure it can connect to just about every one as well. IK Multimedia also supplies free DAW software and effects, for all platforms – though you do have to make a choice about which one you’re most interested in since it’s limited to one piece of software per customer.

If you’re looking for a simple, painless and versatile way to either set up a way to lay down some music, or to record a solo or interview podcast, this is an option that ticks essentially all the boxes you could come up with.

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Apple could reportedly announce Mac shift to its own ARM-based chips this month

For years now, analysts and unconfirmed reports have suggested Apple was working on transitioning its Mac line of computers away from Intel -based chips, and to its own, ARM-based processors. Now, Bloomberg reports that the company could make those plans official as early as later this month, with an announcement potentially timed for its remote Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) happening the week of June 22.

Apple has historically made a number of announcements at WWDC, including providing forward-looking information about its software roadmap, like upcoming versions of macOS and iOS, in order to help developers prepare their software for the updates’ general public availability. WWDC has also provided a venue for a number of Mac hardware announcements over the years, including reveals of new MacBooks and iMacs.

Bloomberg says this potential reveal of its plan to transition to ARM-based Macs would be an advance notice, however — it would not include a reveal of any immediately available hardware, but would act as an advance notice to developers to give them time to prepare their software for ARM-based Macs to be released in 2021. The report cautions that the timing of the announcement could change, however, given that there are no plans to actually introduce any ARM-based Mac hardware for many months at least.

This isn’t the first major processor architecture switch that Apple’s Mac lineup has undergone; the company moved from PowerPC-based CPUs to Intel in 2006. That switch was originally announced in 2005, at Apple’s WWDC event that year — giving developers around half-a-year advance notice to ready themselves for the transition.

Bloomberg reported in April that Apple was planning to start selling ARM-based Macs by next year, and was developing three different in-house Mac processors based on the architecture to power those machines. Apple has made its own ARM-based processors to power iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad for many generations now, and its expertise means that those chips are now much more power efficient, and powerful in most respects, than the Intel chips it sources for its Mac line.

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Help boost efficiency and productivity with this Mac power bundle

Get access to 7 mighty tools for Macs for just $40

Working more from home these days can have its pros and cons. A con being your productivity levels may be plummeting because you get distracted with everyday chores or your kids/pets. The 2020 Mac Power User Bundle brings you everything you need to make sure you’re as productive as possible. With lifetime access to 7 robust and powerful tools for your Mac, this bundle will help you get organized and productive in no time, all for only $40.

SyncMate 8 Expert: Lifetime License

If you work with devices that are not always Apple-based, this app may be for you. Syncmate, a power tool that allows you to switch between Mac and non-Mac devices, brings you a hassle-free solution that will save you time. Effortlessly sync your contacts, calendars, iTunes music, files, and more with any device and keep your info safe and backed up with an automatic syncing feature.

Folx 5 PRO: Downloader for Mac

We’ve all been there – a file is taking way too long to download, and you’re running late for a meeting. Folx 5 Pro brings you a time-saving solution. Both a download and torrent manager, this program increases and controls download speed, resumes interrupted downloads automatically, sends all downloaded music to Music (former iTunes) automatically, and so much more.

Commander One PRO

If you like working with Finder, you’re going to love working with Commander One. Managing files on another level, this effective alternative allows you to set your hotkeys, manage multiple files/folders at once, find your favorite folders quickly, and so much more. You’ll never have to worry about finding any file on your Mac.

Elmedia Player PRO

If you work with audio and video files on the daily, the Elmedia Player PRO may be for you. A powerful alternative to QuickTime Player, Emeida helps to avoid video slowdown or troubles with sound sync, allows you to play files of all sorts, downloads videos from almost any video sharing website, and so much more.

VideoDuke: Lifetime License

With it’s easy to use interface design, VideoDuke allows you to download videos with a single click. You’ll be able to choose the video download format (3GP, MP4, M4V, or FLV) and the resolution you prefer from sites like YouTube and Vimeo straight from the app. Its fast speed will save you quality time on otherwise lengthy download times.

Airy YouTube Video & MP3 Downloader

If YouTube is your preferred streaming source, Airy is here for you. A useful YouTube downloader for Mac, this program will download YouTube videos straight to your hard drive for easy offline access in various formats and resolutions. You can even save subtitles from YouTube and extract sound from any video to save as an MP3.

USB Network Gate

With a mission to make life easier in this digital age, the USB Network Gate allows you to connect remotely to USB devices (think printers and modems) from a computer anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to connect an iOS device to multiple networks or even access shared USB devices for a remote meeting. The possibilities are endless for connecting remotely.

Access to The 2020 Mac Power User Bundle is typically priced at $300, but, for a limited time, you can boost your productivity for just $40 (that’s 86% off). Turn your Mac into a multimedia powerhouse and save time with these highly-rated apps.