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National CineMedia (NCM) Earns Top Marks In 2020 Corporate Equality Index


National CineMedia earns 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s annual scorecard assessing LGBTQ workplace equality

National CineMedia (NCM) is proud to announce that we’ve received a score of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s  2020 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), the nation’s premier  benchmarking survey and report measuring corporate policies and practices related to LGBTQ workplace equality. NCM joins the ranks of more than 680 major U.S. businesses that also earned top marks this year.

“We’re thrilled to have earned a perfect Corporate Equality Index score for the first time this year,” said National CineMedia’s Senior Vice President of Local & Digital Sales, Stacie Tursi. “NCM is dedicated to equality and inclusion, and we constantly strive to make this a great place to work for everyone on our team. We will continue to champion LGBTQ-inclusive workplace policies and practices that benefit not only our employees, but our clients and our industry as well.”

“The impact of the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index over its 18-year history is profound. In this time, the corporate community has worked with us to adopt LGBTQ-inclusive policies, practices and benefits, establishing the Corporate Equality Index as a primary driving force for LGBTQ workplace inclusion in America and across the globe,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “These companies know that protecting their LGBTQ employees and customers from discrimination is not just the right thing to do — it is also the best business decision. In addition, many of these leaders are also advocating for the LGBTQ community and equality under the law in the public square. From supporting LGBTQ civil rights protections in the U.S. through HRC’s Business Coalition for the Equality Act, to featuring transgender and non-binary people in an ad in Argentina, to advocating for marriage equality in Taiwan — businesses understand their LGBTQ employees and customers deserve to be seen, valued and respected not only at work, but in every aspect of daily life.”

The results of this year’s CEI showcase how 1059 U.S.-based companies are not only promoting LGBTQ-friendly workplace policies in the U.S., but helping advance the cause of LGBTQ inclusion in workplaces abroad. NCM’s efforts in satisfying all of the CEI’s criteria earned a 100 percent ranking and the designation as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.

The CEI rates companies and top law firms on detailed criteria falling under five broad categories:

  • Non-discrimination policies
  • Employment benefits
  • Demonstrated organizational competency and accountability around LGBTQ diversity and inclusion
  • Public commitment to LGBTQ equality
  • Responsible citizenship

NCM joins a growing contingent of companies in advertising, marketing, entertainment and electronic media who are dedicated to equality – other companies to receive a perfect score of 100 percent on the 2020 Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s annual scorecard include:


  • Digitas
  • Epsilon Data Management
  • Fleishman-Hillard Inc.
  • Interpublic Group of Companies Inc.
  • Leo Burnett Company Inc.
  • MSLGROUP Americas
  • National CineMedia (NCM)
  • Nielsen
  • Ogilvy Group Inc.
  • Omnicom Group
  • Publicis Healthcare Communications
  • Publicis Inc.
  • Publicis Media
  • Publicis Sapient
  • Quantcast Corp.
  • Re:Sources USA Inc.
  • Saatchi & Saatchi North America Inc.
  • WE Communications


  • Activision Blizzard
  • AMC Entertainment Inc.
  • Anschutz Entertainment Group, Inc.
  • Buzzfeed
  • CBS Corp.
  • Comcast NBCUniversal
  • Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Fox Corporation
  • Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.
  • Live Nation Entertainment Inc.
  • Netflix Inc.
  • SIRIUS XM + Pandora
  • Sony Corporation of America
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
  • TEGNA Inc.
  • Univision Communications Inc.
  • Viacom Inc.
  • Vox Media Inc.
  • The Walt Disney Co.
  • Warner Media
  • Warner Music Group

The full report is available online at

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Cinema Proves Effective Weapon Against World Hunger

National CineMedia (NCM) Leads The Way To Help Keep The Voice Of Millions Of Children Alive

FOF POSTER digital EN for Social Media 2019

National CineMedia (NCM) is joining the next phase of “Feed our Future”, a global cinema ad campaign that shines a light on the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) life-saving work on the front lines of world hunger. Starting today, the advertisement will air in NCM’s Noovie show on movie screens across the U.S. through November 2019.

The “Feed our Future” campaign is part of a unique partnership between SAWA, the Global Cinema Advertising Association, and WFP, which is the leading humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide.

The new campaign aims to build on last year’s results that helped to double awareness of WFP among those who saw the ad and raised more than half a million dollars through online giving or through a 38% increase in downloads of the agency’s Share the Meal donation App, globally.

“We have every reason to believe that this year, the ‘Feed our Future’ campaign is going to take us even further in terms of raising WFP brand visibility and engaging a wider audience in the fight against global hunger,” said Corinne Woods, Chief Marketing Officer at WFP.  “We think that this year’s campaign is even more emotionally engaging and we expect more people will respond to our call.  In a world full of noise, cinema has proven incredibly effective for us at cutting through to not only establish our brand, but also to convert cinema goers into active supporters and donors.”

“The cinema medium makes the most of its space, creative and audience to deliver gripping content, showing consumers advertising at its very best,” said Cheryl Wannell, CEO of SAWA. “In 2020 the cinema medium is predicted to become the fastest-growing ad medium ahead of the internet. For brands like the World Food Programme who want to reach the hearts and minds of Millennials, the immersive experience that cinema gives is the most powerful of all storytelling mediums.”

The creative force behind the new advertisement is Sir John Hegarty, of The Garage SOHO, who has delivered a product designed to appeal directly to cinema audiences. The advert highlights the potential lost to the world when children’s voices are silenced due to hunger. The poignant narrative of the ad sees a group of Syrian refugee children who were selected from the local community playing in rubble and gazing out of bombed-out buildings in an apparent war zone. Softly, a small chorus of voices begins singing “How Can I Tell You” by Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens. As the short film progresses, one by one these children disappear until only one voice remains — an unnerving conclusion that mirrors the harsh realities faced by the 3 million children around the world who lose their lives to hunger or malnutrition.

“Cinema is still the most amazing medium for any creative person to work in. A place for you to tell your story on the ‘mother of all screens’. It’s not surprising that it’s so important and continues to capture the public’s imagination”, said Sir John Hegarty.

Thanks to the support of NCM and other SAWA members in over 35 countries, this important message will be heard by audiences across America and around the world.

For more information about the “Feed Our Future” advertisement and campaign, and to learn how to get involved in creating a world with Zero Hunger, please visit:

Source: The Bigger Picture

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NCM Introduces New Premium Post-Showtime Cinema Advertising Inventory in Noovie!


National CineMedia (NCM) has been the cinema advertising leader since our inception, and today we’re thrilled to announce our biggest innovation yet – we are realigning and improving our Noovie pre-show and will now be offering new on-screen ad inventory after the advertised movie showtime beginning in November in Regal and Cinemark theaters (approximately 55% of our current total network attendance), with plans to introduce this new show format to many of our other NCM network affiliates over the coming months.

Our premium video advertising inventory just got meaningfully more premium and more valuable for our brand partners looking to reach our captive and highly engaged movie audiences!

In our new Noovie show structure, we will now have three segments of national advertising inventory units available:

  • The classic Noovie NOW national advertising segment immediately before the advertised movie showtime, now even closer to the advertised showtime.
  • A new Noovie Showcase segment beginning just after the advertised movie showtime offering several new opportunities with trailer lighting, creating an enhanced lights-down theater environment for ads.
  • A new :60 Platinum Spot unit deeply embedded within the movie trailers – the most prominent video spot in the cinema advertising industry, with trailer lighting and at full trailer volume. We expect this to be some of the most prized inventory in the video advertising marketplace!

In addition to offering new and exciting national ad inventory, this shift in our Noovie show format will make all our regional and local inventory more valuable as it will be shifted closer to advertised showtime.

It will also allow us to offer various national CPM price points to fit a variety of media budgets and gives us the ability to create compelling packages across all three types of national Noovie inventory.

With the 2020 calendar year Upfront marketplace currently underway, and a very strong film slate in the Fourth Quarter starting in November with tent pole sequel films including Frozen 2, Jumanji: The Next Level, and Star Wars IX, The Rise of Skywalker, this is a great time to launch this significant upgrade to our powerful video advertising product!

We look forward to partnering with brands on this exciting new way to connect with our valuable movie audiences beginning on November 1st!

Source: The Bigger Picture