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Growth cheat code: Use fractional hiring to stay on plan when cutting costs

Teja Yenamandra Contributor Venture funds are clear: Given the uncertainty of the coming few years as the Fed seeks to unwind its decades-long monetary policy, the mandate for CEOs is […]

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TestGorilla scores $70M for skills tests aiming to replace the recruitment resume dump

Sending in a resume is the main way a person hope to get noticed for a job. But a startup out of Amsterdam called TestGorilla is today announcing $70 million […]

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Using asynchronous video interviews to improve startup recruiting

Sunny Saurabh Contributor Making the recruitment process more efficient so you can filter the best candidates from the top of the funnel is one of the biggest challenges facing hiring […]

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6 methods for reducing bias in candidate sourcing and screening

Steve Bartel Contributor Steve Bartel is the CEO of Gem, a talent engagement platform backed by Greylock, Accel and ICONIQ. Over the last several years, an increasing number of companies […]

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How to hire great engineers when you don’t have any technical expertise

Marcelo Wiermann Contributor Marcelo Wiermann leads the global recommendations engineering division at Delivery Hero, one of the world’s leading online food ordering and quick commerce companies. Recruiting a winning engineering […]

Posted on raises $120M to take on Indeed and ZipRecruiter in mass-market job search

Online recruitment was one of the early and big hits of the first dot-com boom. But with more and more business processes moving online, online job search is the gift […]

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Vangst ropes in $19 million more to place employees with work in the growing cannabis industry

In a tight labor market, so-called vertical labor marketplaces that zoom in on one industry, like nursing or hospitality, are drawing funding. Trusted Health, a healthcare staffing platform, raised $149 […]