Growth Strategy

Taking Your Business to Another Level of Growth

Growth is one of the top agenda items for entrepreneurs and CEOs. Companies are trying to implement aggressive growth strategies, as a response to structural shifts brought by modern technologies, changing regulations, evolving customer needs, and sector convergence. Because of these factors, many organizations are facing the need to be more agile and efficient.

Significant opportunity for growth exists only for organizations that are bold enough to embrace change and are prepared to rethink their businesses, markets, propositions and brands, as well as customers and channels. If you want your company to survive the perils of the fiercely competitive marketplace, your company has to adapt to the trends in the industry.

At 1BusinessWorld ® we help entrepreneurs, business leaders, and C-level executives grow their organization. We equip them with strategies and give them guidance on how to successfully navigate the constantly changing market.

Growth Strategy

In business, growth is an imperative, not an option. For this reason, companies need to have a strong strategic planning process that is well-supported across the organization.


Growth strategy enables companies to address areas that require improvements, such as how to access new and unmet revenue and profit pools and profitably enter uncharted markets and segments. This can also be a guide on how to lead your business to success through developing and commercializing innovative products, as well as how to attract new customers and enhance loyalty.

Companies use several methods when implementing a growth strategy. Some of the common techniques include market expansion, market penetration, product expansion, diversification, and acquisition.