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Zoho Meeting introduces video conferencing with multiple video feeds

Some years ago, it wasn’t easy for many organizations to imagine running businesses entirely on online apps or getting work done with a remote workforce. Today, many online apps, including web conferencing software have helped us fill the gap, equipping teams to work from multiple different locations. Now, to continue increasing remote productivity, Zoho Meeting is happy to present video conferencing with a new and interactive interface.

Let’s take a look at what you and your organization can achieve with Zoho Meeting’s new video conferencing feature.

A new, user-friendly UI

The online meeting interface of Zoho Meeting now has a fresh look with the main menu placed at the top for easy access to essential features. The active speaker in a meeting can now be identified by the blue frame around their video feed and a microphone icon at the bottom left corner. You can also search names in the participants list, sort names in alphabetical order, and change your audio and video devices from Settings during a meeting. Learn more.

View multiple feeds at a time

Being able to see your meeting participants face to face helps you articulate thoughts better and build rapport. The new video conferencing feature in Zoho Meeting lets you conduct meetings with up to 100 participants and view 25 active video feeds at a time. Add organization members, clients, partners, or customers to your meeting and conduct discussions for as long as you want. Zoho Meeting does not have a cut-off time for meetings, even in the free edition, and external members without Zoho accounts can also join meetings without signing up.

Screen sharing and remote access

Screen sharing is an essential part of remote collaboration. Share your screen with others in a meeting to deliver a presentation or to show a document during your meeting. Share your entire screen or just a select app window. If needed, others can request remote access to your screen and collaborate on the document or presentation.

Admin control for video meetings

Organization admins can enable or disable video meetings for all members in their organization. If video meetings are disabled, no member will be able to use their camera during online meetings.

Choice of video device

You can use your computer’s built-in camera or an external web camera for your video meetings. To use an external web camera, you just need to select the right device just before you enter a meeting. This applies to external microphones as well. You can also change your camera and mic during a meeting from the Settings menu.

Moderator controls  

Security and privacy of online meetings have become a matter of concern as more organizations depend on web conferencing apps for remote work. In Zoho Meeting, the meeting host can lock a meeting and allow only selected participants to join the meeting. With this feature, you can prevent hackers and abusers from intruding into your video meetings. The meeting host can also mute participants and remove them from a meeting if required.

Encryption and consent to protect privacy

Zoho Meeting puts your privacy first by requesting your consent before performing important actions like transmitting video and audio or sharing your screen. Video and audio in Zoho Meeting are encrypted using DTLS-SRTP encryption. Screen sharing is encrypted through DTLS-SRTP from the presenter’s end and through TLS 1.2 from participants’ end. Learn more about security and privacy in Zoho Meeting.

Meet directly from your browser without downloads

Downloading software before your meeting causes unnecessary delay and may also make your desktop vulnerable to security threats. With Zoho Meeting, you can start and join video conferencing sessions from your browser without downloading software. All you need to do is to click the link to start or join your meeting, enter your name, and click Join. Zoho Meeting works well on modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

We hope you will try our new video conferencing feature and let us know what you think by commenting below or writing to us at

Stay safe and healthy.

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Zoho Meeting: 2019 Recap

Zoho Meeting has many new feathers in its cap as the new year unfolds. The greatest rewards last year were the reviews, appreciation, and support from our users, who rated us as one of the best webinar software. We released many attendee engagement features in our webinar module, made significant enhancements in online meetings, and integrated with important Zoho apps. Here’s a comprehensive list of the major additions to Zoho Meeting in 2019.

Registration moderation in webinars

Having the power to control who attends your webinar lets you select the right audience and control the number of attendees if you’re hosting the webinar for a limited number of people. This feature also enables you to prevent spammers or registrants who have not completed certain criteria, like making a payment or filling out a survey.

Audience engagement features

Raise Hand enables attendees to get the attention of the presenter just like in a physical classroom. It can also be used for different purposes (impromptu polls, for example) at the discretion of the presenter. Allow to Talk gives attendees the opportunity to speak in a webinar with the permission of the organizer or co-organizers. With Broadcast Message, the presenter can send important notes, links, or pieces of text for the attendees to copy and re-use. Webinar presenters and co-organizers can also create and launch instant polls during a webinar to futher engage their audience.

 Join webinars from iOS and Android

Just like meetings, mobile users can now join webinars on the go using the Zoho Meeting iOS and Android apps.

Meeting enhancements and dial-in numbers

With device recognition, Zoho Meeting can now detect new devices like microphones and camera added to your hardware during a session. We expanded our list of dial-in and toll-free numbers to cover more regions, so users can use join meetings and webinars even from places where their internet connection is weak. We’ve made consistent technical enhancements to increase the quality of audio, screen sharing, and recording. We also introduced the remote control feature for Mac computer users, and an extension for Mozilla Firefox users.

Integration with Zoho apps

In 2018, we released our online meeting integration with Zoho CRM. This year we integrated our webinar module with Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns. We also integrated online meetings with Zoho Connect and Zoho Bookings, as well as improved our integration with Zoho Projects. Learn more. 

Gmail add-on

Gmail users can conduct online meetings from their inbox with the Zoho Meeting Gmail add-on. Simply open an email and start an instant meeting or schedule a meeting with everyone in the email recipients list. Users can also view and launch their upcoming meetings from their inbox.

We hope you enjoyed the updates we made to Zoho Meeting in this last year. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share your feedback by writing to us at or leaving a comment below.

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