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4 Ways Emerging Markets Startups Can Make The Leap Into Mature Markets


By Luisa Rubio Arribas 
The unfolding digital transformation presents a huge opportunity for emerging market startups to bring their innovation and tech expertise to the table, especially as foreign investors flock to emerging markets at the fastest pace since 2013.
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Companies in these regions have the financial backing and diverse perspective to branch out, but they first need to know how to make that leap, starting with these four areas:
Make your product replicable and scalable
You need to have a fully functioning product, with a proven market fit, before you dive into a mature market. Ideally, your product should already dominate the market at home, or be in the top tier. If not, you should pause internationalization plans.
Luisa Rubio Arribas of Wayra X
Whatever your target location, user experience should be a core focus of your growth stra …

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