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Bitcoin Price: Predictions for 2019

Bitcoin price predictions are all too common. There are authorities whose predictions will be taken very seriously while some taken more lightly. However, the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, bitcoin has had a good year. Increasing value since February at $3500 to $8200 in May. With a year like this, bitcoin holders naturally became enthusiastic about the year, then came the June drop due to the sell-off. Such a turn resulted in an attention to prices prediction. Although bitcoin price prediction may not always be 100% accurate because there is no systematic formula for it; paying attention to n what enthusiasts are saying can help you anticipate some fluctuations.

Bitcoin price predictions are necessary because it can inform investment decisions of bitcoin holders (when to invest, what to invest in, etc.) and after the June swing, the need for this is well underway. We need to look at several predictions and try to connect the dots rather than just depend on one price prediction. Below are some of the top bitcoin price predictions for 2019.

Bitcoin price prediction

  1. John McAfee: John McAfee’s bitcoin prediction is definitely the most exciting prediction being made about 2019 bitcoin price, saying that bitcoin price will get to $1 million by the end of 2020. This is exciting not only because of the scale of the prediction but also to the attitude he attached to it, saying he would perform a ridiculous act on live television. $1 million bitcoin price is on the high side and John seems so sure of his prediction that every crypto enthusiast out there is keeping up, looking towards what will happen. With the dollar value of bitcoin at the moment still less than $10000, there is definitely a long way to go before it hits 1 million. However, considering the volatile nature of Bitcoin, you can’t completely rule out the possibility.

  2. Jesse Lund: Before any of bitcoin’s increase, Jesse Lund predicted in February that bitcoin’s price will increase up to $5000 at the end of 2019 and then eventually get up to 1 million in 2020. This makes John McAfee’s prediction even more interesting because it has the same foresight for the end of 2020, hence, makes the prediction even more believable. With a closer look at Jesse Lund’s prediction, we can see that Bitcoin price has already exceeded the amount he predicted and almost doubled it in May. Hence most crypto enthusiasts, even those that rather play it safe believe in Jesse Lund’s prediction, even making investment decisions in that light.

  3. Zhu Fa, Poolin co-founder: Zhu Fa also has his prediction about bitcoin. This prediction is worth listening to because he owns the Poolin mining pool which accounts for 10% of Bitcoins being mined. It is from this experience that Zhu Fa’s prediction is informed, he believes that bitcoin will increase in value getting up to quarter of a million. With three people predicting about a million in bitcoin’s value, it is viable to want to believe in that number.

  4. Sony Singh: Sony Singh also his prediction for bitcoin’s value at the end of 2019. After being interviewed by Emily Chang, Sony admitted that he expects bitcoin price to increase to a large extent from the $3500 value it began with in February. Sony explained that by November, Bitcoin price should be well between $15000 and $20000 backing this up with the possibility of crypto related ETF start-up. As the chief commercial officer at Bitpay and with his reason being backed up by possible future advancement in the industry, Sony’s prediction enters as one of the top predictions for bitcoin price in 2019. Especially seeing as other crypto-related industries in the past have led to an increase in the price of bitcoin.

  5. A survey of Bitwise Financial advisers: Financial advisers at Bitwise came together to give their individual 4 years predictions for the price of Bitcoin, and then a mean of the predicted values was taken. The result showed optimism towards the expected value of Bitcoin. They came up with $17571 price for bitcoin in the next 5 years (2023). This value was informed by them playing a safe and realistic approach to their predictions rather than an outright optimism towards what they expect. The collective prediction of these financial advisers although safe, is a value that is easy to work with considering their knowledge and experience at Bitwise.

  6. Bobby Lee: Bobby Lee predicted an up and down case in the future value of Bitcoin, expecting it to reach $333000 by 2020 but then drop further to $41000 in 2023. However, in addition he views the major turning point for bitcoin to be at $60000 after which there will be a very steep increase before the future decline. Bobby Lee roots his prediction in his knowledge of financial history and expects that in a case where history is repeated, these are what is to be expected in the bitcoin price market.

  7. Coinswitch: After a review of different long term and short-term Bitcoin predictions, an article published by Coinswitch shows a prediction for the price of bitcoin at the end of 2019. Coinswitch maintains an optimistic approach towards the future of Bitcoin, considering the pros of Coinswitch and BTC future launched by NASDAQ. Their price prediction has Bitcoin price getting up to $23499 at the end of 2019 with even more increase predicted for 2020.

At the end of all the predictions, one notable fact is that everyone expects bitcoin to increase value at the end of the year 2019, with different value predictions, the lowest being the $5000 prediction by Jesse Lund. Although with bitcoin prices, there is always a looming possibility that predictions can go wrong and one or two person’s may be wrong, sometimes the price goes up beyond fore-seen predictions. Hence, it is important to pay attention to bitcoin price prediction from informed individuals who are not only bitcoin holders but are active in the technological phase of Bitcoin. A summary is that 2019 will be a good year for Bitcoin prices with a possible increase from the current $8700 at the end of the year.

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Crypto Expert Stephen McKeon Comments on Kik’s ICO Battle with the Security and Exchange Commission

It has been widely known that Kik was engaged in a cage match with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ever since Kik went public regarding a Wells Notice submitted by the SEC. A Wells Notice informs an entity they may be the target of an SEC enforcement action.

In late 2017, Kik sold “Kin” tokens to both accredited and non-accredited investors. The first round was completed as a SAFT to accredited investors and once Kik could claim the network was viable, Kin sold additional tokens to anyone.

In total, Kik raised a huge amount of money, approximately $100 million. The Kin ICO remains one of the largest digital asset offerings ever.

Kik responded to the Wells Notice defending its position in an extended outline of why the ICO should not be considered an unregistered security offering.

While support across the crypto industry was initially strong, questions started to percolate when a video surfaced showing a Kik representative pitching the ICO as an investment.

Earlier this month when the SEC enforcement division revealed its legal complaint it became clear the SEC Enforcement Division was prepared to fight. The language was critical of Kik’s operations calling the ICO a “Hail Mary Pass” as the company was portrayed as being in a spiral. Beyond any hyperbole, the fact that money had been raised post-DAO added to the argument that the manner of sale indicated a sale of an investment. This caused some industry insiders to question whether, or not, Kik was the right fight to back.

A DefendCrypto website, set up by Kik to raise a defense fund for what could be a protracted legal battle, saw several prominent defections once the SEC publicly posted the details of its case against Kik.

Crowdfund Insider recently reached out to Stephen McKeon, a Professor of Finance at the University of Oregon. McKeon is an academic expert in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and corporate finance, including venture capital, private equity, and entrepreneurial finance. McKeon is also the Chief Strategy Advisor at the Security Token Academy.

McKeon shared his opinion on the Kik case and pending legal clash – which may end up defining the industry going forward.

Our discussion is shared below.

The SEC complaint against Kik was pretty damning – yes?

Stephen McKeon: The fact that the SEC feels confident enough in its interpretation of the facts to bring it to court is a strong signal that they think they can win.

They conclude that “investors’ purchases of Kin were an investment of money, in a common enterprise, with an expectation of profits for both Kik and the offerees, derived primarily from the future efforts of Kik and others to build the Kin Ecosystem and drive demand for Kin.” In other words, the SEC asserts that the Kin sale satisfied all of the prongs of the Howey test and as such was an offer and sale of securities.

In the Wells Response, how did Kik argue against the claims asserted by the SEC?

Stephen McKeon: Kik focuses on two prongs of the Howey test – they assert that Kin purchasers were not led to expect profits, and claim that no common enterprise was involved in the arrangement. 

The second piece is the most interesting – Kik argues that “simply owning a common asset whose value rises and falls depending on market forces does not give rise to a “common enterprise” for purposes of Howey.”

Is the fact it was documented that Kik pitched the Kin ICO as an investment a fatal blow?

Stephen McKeon: Not necessarily – all prongs of the Howey test must be satisfied in order to deem this a securities offering. The legal interpretation of “common enterprise” seems to be Kik’s strongest chance for a successful defense in this case.

Stephen McKeon: Many initial supporters were – and continue to be – frustrated with the lack of regulatory clarity on crypto assets from the SEC and felt this case represented a step backwards in reversing prior guidance.

The SEC’s formal complaint makes clear they are not walking back prior guidance, turning this from what was perceived as a broader battle for legal clarity to a more narrow argument over the facts of Kin’s particular case – primarily how the Kin sale was marketed to purchasers.

There are many who want greater regulatory clarity from the SEC, but perhaps fewer who feel strongly about Kin’s particular case.

Has the Crypto industry picked the wrong battle?

Stephen McKeon: It is fair to say that the crypto ecosystem is not unanimously in agreement that this is the right battle to fight, but the industry in an interesting chicken-and-egg situation.

We need regulatory clarity to innovate with confidence, but the SEC uses examples in order to provide that clarity.

It’s important that we continue to innovate and engage with regulators early and often.

Whether Kik prevails or not, what are your thoughts on a path to a tradable utility token in the US?

Stephen McKeon: One thing the SEC’s suit makes fairly clear, now that the full complaint in the case against Kik is public, is that this suit does not signal any policy reversal on the SEC’s part.

Hinman’s prior guidance indicating BTC and ETH are not securities due to their sufficient decentralization stands, and could be applied in the future to similar cases/tokens.

Blockstack is doing interesting work with their planned offering of their STAX tokens, launching them as regulated securities.

Other projects (like Algorand) are choosing to launch their tokens outside of the US initially to avoid the jurisdiction entirely.

In both cases, the hope is that eventually, the networks will become sufficiently decentralized that the tokens will no longer be considered securities in the US.

As a final note, there will continue to be tokens, particularly those that represent ownership claims on traditional assets, that will be securities throughout their lifecycle.

Editors Note: Matt Lucas, an Analyst at Collaborative Fund, assisted McKeon with the responses. He is a graduate from Princeton University in 2018 with a degree in Economics. 

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TokenMarket Receives FCA Approval to Run Security Token Offering in Regulatory Sandbox

TokenMarket FCA approval

London, ENGLAND – June 10, 2019 – Global investment platform TokenMarket today announces that it has received approval from the FCA to run its Security Token Offering (“STO”) in the regulatory sandbox. Following the formal approval, TokenMarket will announce a launch date for its STO in the coming weeks and invite global investors to invest in the Company’s tokenised equity shares. 

Since the Company was founded at the end of 2016, TokenMarket has helped to raise £240m for 30 start-ups, including successful utility token offerings such as Storj,, Civic, Dent and 

Today’s FCA’s approval is a critical step in securing a regulated and compliant ecosystem for STOs, a cheaper, easier way for companies to raise money. Once TokenMarket has completed its STO and exited the sandbox the Company will be able to organise STOs for UK and international companies looking to source growth finance by tapping TokenMarket’s pool of 170,000 investors. 

TokenMarket has already lined up a rich pipeline of ambitious start-ups that plan to raise capital through STOs in London including:

·      DOVU – a unified token, wallet and marketplace for earning and spending mobility-related rewards

·      Almond – a free app that allows users to reduce their carbon footprint and rewards sustainable consumption 

·      Cryotech Nordic – the world’s leading provider of cryotherapy cabins 

Ryan Hanley, Managing Director, commented: 

“We are delighted to announce the FCA’s approval for our STO, with the launch expected imminently. We look forward to exiting the sandbox, completing our fund raise and tokenised equity issuance, and then cracking on with launching STOs for other ambitious businesses. 

“Access to finance is still a big issue for SMEs- it remains difficult and expensive, and this is holding back economic growth, and job and wealth creation. We hope our own STO can demonstrate that you can use blockchain technology to transform the way capital is raised. 

“At the same time, we want to offer our wide and deep pool of international investors the type of exciting investment opportunities that were previously closed off to them. We believe STOs promise nothing less that the transformation and democratization of capital markets.”

For more information contact:

James Isola, Maitland

Tel: +44 (0)207 379 5151 

TokenMarket is currently participating in the FCA regulatory sandbox, for further information visit

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ICO Office Decisions On BMA & AG Chambers

The Information Commissioner issued two decisions regarding the Bermuda Monetary Authority [BMA] and the Attorney General’s Chambers.

A spokesperson said, “On 29 May 2019, Information Commissioner Gitanjali Gutierrez issued two decisions. In Decision 12/2019, Bermuda Monetary Authority [BMA], the Information Commissioner has upheld the denial of public access to the registry of beneficial ownership.

“The Information Commissioner has agreed with the BMA that the exemption in section 37 of the Public Access to Information [PATI] Act 2010 applies because disclosure of the records is prohibited by other legislation, namely section 31[1] of the Bermuda Monetary Authority Act 1969.

“In Decision 13/2019, Attorney General’s Chambers, the Information Commissioner has found that the Attorney General’s Chambers failed to issue an internal review decision within the statutory timeframes.

“The requester sought records related to the costs associated with the Court of Appeal case concerning same-sex marriage. The Information Commissioner ordered the Attorney General’s Chambers to comply with the requirement to issue an internal review decision.”

Full versions of Decisions 12/2019 and 13/2019 can be accessed online at

The full Information Commissioner’s Decision 12/2019 follows below [PDF here]:

The full Information Commissioner’s Decision 13/2019 follows below [PDF here]:

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CryptoCorner: Bear Trend Continues, SEC Sues Kik Over $100 Million ICO, OKCoin Opens Malta Office in Euro Expansion and Malaysian Regulator Registers Three New Crypto Exchanges

CryptoCorner: Bear Trend Continues, SEC Sues Kik Over $100 Million ICO, OKCoin Opens Malta Office in Euro Expansion and Malaysian Regulator Registers Three New Crypto Exchanges

Jun 05, 2019 ( via COMTEX) —

Point Roberts, WA and Delta, BC – June 5, 2019 ( Newswire), a leader in crypto and blockchain investing news, in partnership with Fit Pay, Inc.’s (subsidiary of NXT-ID (NASDAQ: NXTD) crypto payment tech, Flip and the Genesis Exchange and Wallet App bring you today’s edition of the Crypto Corner podcast and commentary on what’s driving the cryptocurrency market.

Listen to today’s Crypto Corner Podcast:

CryptoCorner: Bear Trend Continues, SEC Sues Kik Over $100 Million ICO, OKCoin Opens Malta Office in Euro Expansion and Malaysian Regulator Registers Three New Crypto Exchanges

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Crypto Corner

The crypto market has sunk further into the red since yesterday, with the vast majority of the top 100 coins listed by market cap reporting losses this morning, according to data from CoinMarketCap. At press time, total market capitalization is $247 billion USD. A day ago Bitcoin (BTC) was clinging to the $8K support level, but has since slipped down to a trading price of about $7800 with a market cap of $138 billion. Notably Bitcoin SV (BSV), which yesterday defied the broader market downtrend, has succumbed to the bear market and has lost 8 percent in the last 24 hours.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sued Canadian tech startup Kik Interactive, Inc. over an allegedly illegal $100 million ICO conducted by the latter in 2017. The SEC is seeking a permanent injunction, disgorgement plus interest, and a penalty for its accusation that Kik violated the registration requirements of Section 5 of the Securities Act of 1933. Steven Peikin, Co-Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, said:

“By selling $100 million in securities without registering the offers or sales, we allege that Kik deprived investors of information to which they were legally entitled, and prevented investors from making informed investment decisions. Companies do not face a binary choice between innovation and compliance with the federal securities laws.”

According to a blog post published yesterday, crypto exchange OKCoin is expanding its services to Europe and opening an office in Malta. The company announced initial trading pairs with the euro as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Jovan Gavrilovic, General Manager of Europe at OKCoin, commented:

“Europe is essential to the evolution of the cryptocurrency markets. It is home to many progressive ideas for innovating and disrupting the status quo of the global financial system while maintaining a balanced regulatory approach. We are very pleased to bring digital asset trading to the European market in a secure and reliable manner, enabling users to trade digital assets for euro easily and safely.”

The Securities Commission of Malaysia announced the registration of three crypto exchanges in a press release yesterday. Luno Malaysia, SINEGY Technologies (M) and Tokenize Technology (M) were all approved as Recognized Market Operators (RMOs) and were given up to nine months to fully comply with all regulatory requirements. Luno General Manager of Southeast Asia David Low told Cointelegraph:

“We’ve been working closely with regulators and banks to complete the groundwork for the buying, selling and storing of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, which we believe are the future of money. Regulation will ultimately bring clarity and protection to consumers, and will ensure that all cryptocurrency businesses have adequate standards in place to protect investors and their funds.”

Sam Mowers, Investorideas

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SEC Goes Public with Kik – Kin ICO Lawsuit Alleging Sale of Unregistered Securities

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has publicly announced its lawsuit against Kik Interactive for conducting an illegal $100 million securities offering of “Kin” digital tokens in an initial coin offering (ICO). The legal action should come as no surprise to industry followers as Kik was the target of a Wells Notice, a document indicating an SEC investigation, at the end of 2018. Kik raised approximately $100 million during the height of the ICO boom allegedly selling to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

The SEC has charged Kik that it sold the tokens to U.S. investors without registering their offer and sale as required by the U.S. securities laws.

The ICO commenced weeks after the line in the sand DAO Report issued by the SEC. The Commission has consistently pursued ICO issuers that launched an offering post-DAO Report.

The SEC states:

“Kik had lost money for years on its sole product, an online messaging application, and the company’s management predicted internally that it would run out of money in 2017.  In early 2017, the company sought to pivot to a new type of business, which it financed through the sale of one trillion digital tokens.  Kik sold its “Kin” tokens to the public, and at a discounted price to wealthy purchasers, raising more than $55 million from U.S. investors.”

The SEC notes that Kin tokens traded recently at about half of the value that public investors paid in the offering and alleges that Kik marketed the Kin tokens as an investment opportunity.

At the time Kik offered and sold the tokens, the SEC alleges the services did not exist and there was nothing to purchase using Kin.

The SEC’s complaint alleges the Kin offering involved securities transactions, and Kik was required to comply with the registration requirements of the U.S. securities laws.

Kik, based in Canada, apparently contacted the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) to discuss the offering. According to the SEC complaint:

“OSC staff definitively communicated [to Kik’s outside counsel] a position that the [sale to the public of Kin] constituted an offering of securities.” After learning of the OSC’s position, Kik barred Canadians from purchasing Kin in the public sale.”

The complaint states that Kik “did not make a similar overture with the SEC.”

It has been widely reported that a Kik representative was documented in a video promoting the investment characteristics of the ICO.

In recent days, Kik has launched a “DefendCrypto” fund seeking to garner industry support for Kik to challenge the SEC and its allegations. The Fund has raised approximately $4.2 million to date.

“By selling $100 million in securities without registering the offers or sales, we allege that Kik deprived investors of information to which they were legally entitled, and prevented investors from making informed investment decisions,” said Steven Peikin, Co-Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement.  “Companies do not face a binary choice between innovation and compliance with the federal securities laws.”

Robert A. Cohen, Chief of the Enforcement Division’s Cyber Unit, reaffirmed that Kik told investors they could expect to profit from participating in the offering:

“Future profits based on the efforts of others is a hallmark of a securities offering that must comply with the federal securities laws.”

The SEC has previously charged other ICO issuers with selling unregistered securities. So far, the SEC has settled ICO cases with Munchee Inc., Gladius Network LLC, Paragon Coin Inc. and CarrierEQ Inc. d/b/a Airfox.

SEC v. Kik Interactive comp-pr2019-87

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iStorage Unveils the Game Changing cloudAshur – The Future of Cloud Data Security

iStorage Unveils the Game Changing cloudAshur – The Future of Cloud Data Security – Global Investing Today – EIN News

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TokenMarket joins forces with CMS equIP to support start-ups

London – 3rd June: Global investment platform TokenMarket today announces a partnership with CMS equIP, the global accelerator programme for tech start-ups run by international law firm CMS. equIP will become preferred legal advisor to ambitious growth companies that are raising capital via Security Token Offerings (‘STOs’)[1].


The partnership brings together two specialist support providers for early-stage, businesses looking to raise growth finance. TokenMarket has completed more than 30 blockchain-based fundraises since the end of 2016, helping to secure over £250M for its clients. The company was one of the first to apply for digital asset licenses in the UK, Malta, Gibraltar and Dubai in order to perform security offerings on the blockchain.  


CMS equIP offers affordable legal advice and other value added services including exclusive training, introductions and networking opportunities to early stage, IP-rich start-ups across 20 countries, giving them access to proven industry expertise at every stage of their growth, whether they are expanding their business, entering a new market, looking for advice under a different country’s law or structuring a deal in another jurisdiction.


equIP’s global reach and reputation mean it can offer businesses around the world the same levels of high quality legal advice, training, mentoring and networking opportunities, all the while reflecting local practices, laws and regulations. Since its inception, equIP has successfully helped over 100 technology clients to successfully complete over 60 individual rounds of fundraising.


Today’s partnership will help SME growth companies in the CMS equIP programme to raise finance through STOs, leveraging TokenMarket’s investment platform and investor community. In turn, TokenMarket clients will be able to access expert legal advice to support their STOs.


TokenMarket and CMS equIP together will deploy a vigorous selection process to carefully select companies which they believe have the best commercial possibility for exits in a 3-7 year window. The creation of tokenised primary and secondary markets will provide self-certified investors access to new investments, and quicker opportunities for exits, than those offered by traditional VC or private equity deals.


Ryan Hanley, Managing Director, commented:

“SMEs are the backbone of any modern economy, but many are held back by the scarcity and expense of growth finance. STOs open up a new, cheaper, easier way for ambitious companies to raise capital. Today’s announcement is an exciting milestone for bringing STOs further into the mainstream. By partnering with CMS equIP, not only will we identify companies with the most commercial promise, but we will offer these companies another, crucial level of support in navigating the world of STO financing.”


Charles Kerrigan, Banking Partner at CMS, added:

“We are pleased to partner with TokenMarket. TokenMarket are a young and innovative company representing a number of exciting businesses from across the blockchain community who boast exceptional qualities that we seek from early-stage businesses joining the CMS equIP programme. Our partnership will also provide real value for equIP members who are interested to explore the STO framework of financing via TokenMarket’s investment platform and community. We are excited to be working with TokenMarket and their clients, and look forward to the synergies that this partnership will bring.”


For more information contact:


James Isola, Maitland

Tel: +44 (0)207 379 5151


Lawrence Chiu


Laura Swartz, CMS

Tel: +44 (0)207 367 2303




About TokenMarket


TokenMarket is a global investment platform providing an end-to-end service for token creation, presale and public sale, supporting safe and secure Initial Coin Offering (‘ICO’) or Security Token Offering (‘STO’). Founded in 2016, TokenMarket has offices in London, Gibraltar, Helsinki and Singapore. Since 2017 TokenMarket has assisted over 30 of the most innovative blockchain companies raising over £240m in total, issuing digital tokens to over 250k investors.


For more information visit


About CMS equIP


CMS equIP is a curated accelerator designed to give IP-rich start-ups and entrepreneurs in the technology sector the tools they need to grow and succeed. Through this platform, CMS lawyers and specialists act as trusted advisors, providing start-ups with access to investors, exclusive training and mentoring opportunities and an active peer network. Members have access to industry-focused legal advice across all areas of law at discounted rates from lawyers highly experienced in working with entrepreneurial companies. Launched in the UK in 2015 and now offered in 20 countries, the global programme has worked with over 100 companies including, Sonalytic, Appyparking, Crowdicity and Passle.


About CMS

CMS provides clients with specialist, business focused advice in law and tax matters. With our 4,500 legal professionals across the world, working in sector-based teams and expert in project management, our focus is on our clients and fulfilling their objectives.




Security tokens are digital securities that are recorded on the blockchain and regulated in the same way as ordinary securities, offering investors the same rights and protections.


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What is ICO bounty? It’s benefits and harm.

Bounty campaign consists in marketing activities for promotion of startup which are conducted by users for the digital reward. This procedure is widely demanded before the ICO launch process. The campaign purpose is to reward the participants for assistance in advertising the upcoming initial coin offering or for other related actions.

People get the opportunity to earn the project’s tokens for performing various actions aimed at attracting the audience to the planned ICO. Bounty ICO is a great chance to get tokens of the startup you liked in advance without investing your own cryptocurrency or fiat money.

Advantages of the bounty campaign are minimization of expenses for marketing promotion, wide coverage of the target audience, and efficiency. Users have the opportunity to get paid for the time they spent on forums, blogs, social networks, messengers, or for investing their knowledge and skills in a fascinating project. Both sides are satisfied with such cooperation.

Are there any risks of participating in the program?

A sound advantage for the novice traders is absence of the need to invest in development. A person does not risk their funds and receives tokens after having performed certain actions. The tokens can be then exchanged for fiat money or sold for another cryptocurrency.

But there is also another side — not all the planned projects manage to raise even the minimum amount of investment, which is so essential for development. In this case, the developers will not return you the time you spent on tasks. Therefore, you should carefully analyze the bounty program and the ICO itself.

How to choose an ICO on the rating platform?

ICO rating offers valuable information about the planned startup, such as:

  • reviews and information about the developers’ reputation;

  • data on the capitalization level and financial attractiveness;

  • amount of the reward for bounty campaign;

  • degree of the task complexity.

Being guided by these indicators, each user of the platform will be able to choose the promising options that will bring a good income in the form of digital currency.

Today you can stumble on outright hopeless projects on the Internet. If a person has only recently become interested in the cryptocurrency market and ICO, it will not be easy to find and choose a worthy startup for development. In this case, it is recommended to use the online resources offering extensive information for analyzing and searching for bounty ICO, for example, blogs, bounty trackers, rating platforms.

In most cases, bounty campaigns are published on the website of ICO projects. Users can visit the calendar section where upcoming or ending startups for the next 30 days are presented. platform offers the users to visit the ICO section. There is a subsection here — planned projects. It is in this category that you can find all the detailed information about the planned projects and the level of remuneration for participating in bounty campaigns.

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ICO, STO, IEO listings and their benefits

Before getting access to trading, cryptocurrency and token have to undergo a long analysis. Only after several selection stages, they are added to platforms that are considered to be the main tools for performing transactions with digital coins. For startups, this procedure is called ICO listing. Adding a project or a cryptocurrency to the exchange positively affects their development prospects.

What is listing for ICO, STO, and IEO?

Listing is the process of adding the projects and digital coins to the list of available instruments on the stock exchange. Once an asset is added to such a list, it becomes available for transactions and investments.

The digital market develops rapidly and, accordingly, numerous new coins emerge. High competition pushes creators to promotion. Adding a cryptocurrency to the trading platform listing is one of the main parameters of currency acknowledgement. Experts can trace back the correlation between success of a digital asset and the number of platforms where it is listed.

The same is true with startups — adding to ICO list means a guarantee of return on investment and safety of funds for the investors. For the creator, it means enhancement of the investment appeal and trust, as well as facilitation of further development. Therefore, the users can rest assured that the funds they invested will not only return, but can also bring profit.

What to pay your attention to when choosing a project to invest in?

Initial coin offering or ICO is the procedure of issuance of a company’s own tokens and placing them on the cryptocurrency trading platform. As a result, investments that exceed the emission costs may be attracted.

Competent and experienced experts recommend paying attention to the following parameters when choosing the ICO:

  • specialization of an asset (technology, documents, existing practices, marketing approach);

  • detailed business plan, that is the purpose of the startup and its development plans;

  • liquidity level;

  • team (history, openness of data, experience, speed of response to requests, presence in social networks). A positive sign is availability of the enterprise details and intellectual property, as well as presence in the registers of legal entities;

  • market demand;

  • planned scope and volume of sale;

  • the number of issued tokens, for example, unfounded issue in a huge amount does not evoke trust;

  • proposed way of their distribution.

After reviewing the provided information, we recommend conducting your own analysis — you should check presence of ICO in various trackers, read the information about this startup in mass media, blogs, social networks, messengers.

Initial coin offering stage implies existence of a functioning product or prototype. This guarantees the desire and motivation of the team to implement the plan and proves that developers are on the right way.

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