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Quality has always been considered as the fundamental value of Agrino’s successful course up to now. Based on this core value and through its constant effort to strengthen Greek farmers and their crops, Agrino has achieved to be the first private company to produce a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certified pulses- product, Giant-Elephant Beans from Kastoria (Northern Greece).

Agrino is certified by TUV NORD HELLAS for the implementation of the quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. Moreover, the company is certified with IFS, at Higher Level. The quality controls are performed in the two fully equipped laboratories the company has in its factories at Agrinion and Thessaloniki.

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The most precious seed of Greek Earth!

Rice cultivation has proved to be of great potential in Greece, with an annual production of 120.000 tones, half of which is consumed domestically and the other half exported. Agrino not only supports Greek farmers giving them the opportunity to develop their local business, but also provides the consumers with the most precious seeds of the Greek soil, full of nutritional values, directly on their plate.

All types of rice are produced, white and parboiled, cultivated in Greece, especially in the region of Macedonia in Northern Greece. The Agrino rice products stand out for their unique taste and are perfectly preserved in the paper packaging, with the little window in front to see the content.

Follow the variety of Agrino rice and begin a magic journey through taste, full of pleasant experiences!

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