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Avalon Advanced Materials is a Canadian mineral development company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Avalon specializes in critical metals and minerals with growing demand in new technology. The company has five critical minerals project across Canada, providing investors with exposure to lithium, rare earths, cesium, tantalum, feldspars, tin and indium. Avalon is currently focusing on its Separation Rapids Lithium Project near Kenora, Ontario and its Lilypad Cesium-Tantalum Project near Fort Hope, Ontario. Avalon is also evaluating opportunities to apply new extraction technology to recover rare earths and other metals from acid mine drainage at closed mine sites across North America, remediating outstanding environmental liability.

The principles of sustainability are core values. Avalon is a leader among junior miners in adopting best practices to reduce its environmental footprint, prevent water contamination and engage with local communities. In November 2019, Avalon published its eighth annual sustainability report in accordance to GRI guidelines.

Sustainability in Mineral Development

At Avalon, sustainability means adopting leading industry standards for the management of health, safety and the environment; transparently engaging with local communities and stakeholders; treating those with whom the company works with respect; and creating a workplace where employees are valued, engaged and encouraged to succeed. Along with implementing risk and change management, Avalon integrates its sustainability objectives into business planning, work activities and assessments.

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Avalon Advanced Materials is a mineral development company focused on metals and minerals for use in clean energy and new technology.

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