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“CloudMatos” continuously govern, assesses, detects, and remediates the misconfigurations and threats when you build, deploy, and cloud environments like AWS, GCP, Azure, and Kubernetes trusted by several brands. CloudMatos automate your cloud compliance automation software and security with continuous auditing and intelligent remediation.

Cloudmatos Offers:

• Shift left security and laC scanning

• Continuous deployment scanning

• Compliance Automation and intelligent remediation

• Platforms API’s open integration

The reason behind CloudMatos being unique is all about the enhanced controls for security and compliance audit, optimized cost of the cloud, growth in policies and remediation repository, with the visualization of the company’s asset inventory. These things make CloudMatos more unique with their quality perspective to make it possible. At the same time, manage the cloud stores with super unique security systems that matter the most to the companies that need high-security systems with no data breach.

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