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Our ambition is to become carbon negative by 2030
Being carbon negative means that we will be removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we produce, throughout our operations – creating a negative carbon footprint for the company.

Our core activities
Our activities are underpinned by safety, sustainability, operational excellence and expertise in our markets.

We operate an integrated value chain across three principal areas of activity:

Pellet production:
A leading producer of wood pellets from sustainable low-value commercial forestry residues.

Manufacture and supply of good quality wood pellets at the lowest cost to our Power Generation business for use in the generation of renewable electricity.

Power generation:
A portfolio of flexible, low carbon and renewable UK power generation.

A multi-site, multi-technology generation portfolio providing power and system support services to the electricity grid.

B2B Energy supply:
A leading supplier of renewable energy solutions to industrial and business customers.

Supplier of power, gas and value-adding services to industrial, corporate and small and medium-sized businesses, representing an 11% share of the B2B power market.

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Drax Group PLC is an electric utility company that produces energy for large customers and businesses in the United Kingdom. Drax generates thermal energy through the use of coal and biomass fuel sources. The majority of the power that the company produces comes from coal fuel sources. The rest comes from the burning of compressed wood pellets, or biomass, sourced from forests in the American South. Drax primarily brings in revenue through the sale of power. The sale of United Kingdom renewable certificates also represents a significant revenue stream. The company is one of the U.K. ‘s largest producers of renewable power and controls Europe’s single largest decarburization project by way of its biomass facilities.

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