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Fearless Mama Hypnobirthing. Antenatal classes prepare parents for a positive birth, no matter how or where they meet their baby. It does not matter if that’s home birth in a pool, or a planned abdominal birth in a theatre, the knowledge you will gain and tools you will learn will have an exceptionally positive significance in any birth scenario.

Hypnobirthing does not promise a ‘perfect birth’, but it can be instrumental in guaranteeing a positive one. There is no cookie-cutter method for birth and every woman all over the world will meet their baby in their own, unique way, but the techniques will prepare you to calmly and confidently navigate the twist and turns of any birthing scenario.

If you are planning abdominal birth (elective caesarean section), we also offer a bespoke 1:1 course for this birth type. This unique abdominal birth course was created to assist parents focus on creating the all-important oxytocin in the lead up to an abdominal birth and guaranteeing they are fully enlightened about what will happen on the day and equipped with calming techniques to help them avoid any anxiety creeping in.

Courses for every birth type Face to face in Guildford, Surrey (and surrounding areas), or on Zoom. Monthly free taster session to find out more!

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Fearless Mama Hypnobirthing