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FindYourGst is an online tool that helps you find all GSTIN related information about any registered company. It lets you search the database of over 5 million registered Partnership Firms, LLP, Private Limited, and Public companies.

Products & Services

Search By GST Number

Verify GST details of any company by simply entering the GSTIN. GST Number is a unique identifier assigned to a business or person registered under the GST Act.

Search by Company Name

Don’t know the company name or GSTIN? Simply type company’s full name and get it’s complete details containing more than 20 different detailed parameters.

Search by PAN Number

Search company profile by its PAN (Permanent Account Number) number.

Search Full Company Details

Full company detail contains hundereds of different data point about a company, like registered director(s) information etc.

GST Number Definition

For each tax payer registered under GST, the GST number or GSTIN is a unique 15-digit number. Through registering under GST, you can get your GST number or GSTIN.

The first 2 digit GST number represents the state of registration of the tax payer. The next 10 letters are the tax payer’s PAN number. The next 2 digits are for the code of the organization and the last digit is the check sum number.

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