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LuxuryShoes DM

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LuxuryShoes DM creates bespoke handmade shoes for people who want to stand out from the usual trend of wearing blue, brown, or black shoes.

The brand brings a streetwear style by avoiding mainstream colours such as black, brown, and blue using instead expressive colours such as red, yellow, orange, etc. Our designer creates the shoes to be easily wearable in a daily routine. Moreover, each pair of shoes is accompanied by a belt, made from the same leather, to match the shoes and wear them in an infinite possibilities.

Products & Services

One of the vital characteristics that makes Luxury Shoes DM’s products unique is the quality of the textiles and leather. The handmade shoes are following the customer’s desires, with extraordinary designs, as well. The brand aims to preserve the traditional producing process in order to offer an authentic experience for the customer.

Since the shoes are made of leather, the feet can easily breathe through the material. According to recent studies, human beings receive energy from the land through their feet. Keeping that in mind, LuxuryShoes DM offers 100% leather soles, which can keep alive the land-feet relationship.

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