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We take great pride in having over 20 years of expertise at M & I Masonry and Pool Services. The moral integrity of our employees and subcontractors, our commitment to a strong work ethic, and our passion for keeping up with the most recent advancements in our industry while considering environmental issues all contribute to our capacity to attain these goals. Our goal is simple: We provide timely, high-caliber services. Our crew considers each project’s particular needs to ensure quality. The team is run by owner Oscar Marcony and his son Joshua. They have a reputation for producing faultless work on schedule and under budget, which is the key factor in why clients are so delighted with them.

Satisfaction is assured with us. We stand behind every work we produce so that you can rest easy. Our team has a reputation for being extremely professional. We are professionals with years of experience on the pitch and always treat your home and time with respect. You can always rely on us to be there for you when you need us and show up promptly for scheduled appointments. We provide the highest quality and service on Long Island with Masonry, Pool and Spa Remodeling, and Pool Services.

We repair masonry, brick, concrete, patios, steps, stone, walkways, and drives. Our pool and spa renovation services are among the best on Long Island. We also provide the greatest pool services on Long Island. Together, we’ll conceivably create the most delightful, tranquil, and opulent outdoor retreat! Please get in touch with us immediately if you have any general inquiries or require any extra details.

We do everything about swimming pools except build them. Our most common services are renovations for gunite pools like marble dust, pool tile, pool coping, system upgrades, and new liners for vinyl pools. we also offer masonry such as stone patios or pavers. We are not interested in fiberglass pools or above or semi inground pools. we would also like to do small repairs such as pump change, filter, chlorinator, salt system. we offer opening-closing and maintenance of pools. this has to be one of our main areas next to the renovation of gunite pools and service call.

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M&I Masonry and Pool Services, LLC