New Zealand Business Tools (NZBT)

New Zealand Business Tools (NZBT)

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New Zealand Business Tools are market leaders in helping businesses across a wide range of industries with credit control, debt resolution, terms & conditions of business, and privacy compliance.

We’ll walk with you all the way to ensure you’re still thriving in years to come. Your business will have a strong ‘safety net’ – with the banks, you, and your clients all happy.

Whether you’re new to business or well-established, we’ll show you how to avoid the pitfalls and nasty surprises that people tear their hair out over. We’ve learned the hard way ourselves, so you don’t need to get burnt by clients going bust, rip-offs, or privacy breaches.

We prevent disasters before they happen, by looking in all the dark corners, leaving no stone unturned. There is no need to look for an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff when NZBT can build you the path to climb up and down. The results can be substantial, like one of our clients who saved $350k by making themselves a secured creditor, and another one who recently recovered $25k that they’d given up on.

Let us free you from stress and time-wasting hassles, so you can get on with what you do best! We offer a complete remote and in-person service around New Zealand, and you can call us anytime for help.

Products & Services

Credit Control / Credit Management

Ensure you get paid while keeping good relationships with clients – with know-how and resources to manage credit and recover debt in a non-confrontational way. This includes credit policy writing, credit reporting, the Personal Property Securities Register, debt collection, ledger management, credit health check, and training.

Terms & Conditions of Business

Have a water-tight framework for fair, healthy, and strong relationships with your clients – avoiding bad debts and disputes by establishing effective Terms of Trade. We’ll equip you to create effective processes and documentation that cover your bases – customised for your unique needs, not ‘cookie cutter’ templates.

Privacy Compliance

Is your business at risk? We’ll enable you to stay on the right side of the new Privacy Law – helping you avoid breaches and keeping you clear of harsh penalties. Let us help you draft an up-to-date privacy policy, and train your privacy officer and staff who are the key to making it work.

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New Zealand Business Tools (NZBT)