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Pert Home Automation

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Pert Home Automation,one of leading company in the smart home automation industry.We are leading smart home automation system manufacturer & supplier in india with more than 10 dealers, 20 distributor channel partners in India For the past 6 years, we have designed and implemented cutting-edge control systems in cities like Hyderabad,Pune,Mumabi,Ahmedabad,Chennai,other cities in India

Our team at Pert Smart Home India aims to provide you with the utmost convenience and peace of mind of having a quality security with the latest and best technologies available. With the increase in innovative technology, there has been an increase in the home automation and Smart Home systems in India.

Enhance your lifestyle and living experience with innovative, technical designs and systems from Pert Smart Home solutions. We design, implement and install personalised home automation systems for residential homes,apartments,gated communities,commercial complexes,hospitals etc.We will be happy to provide you with quality services for your home automation needs.Our cost-effective solutions provide an unprecedented level of comfort, convenience, and sophistication in your home.

Products & Services

Pert Smart Home Automation Solutions

1) Pert 8-Node Wi-Fi Smart Switch (Can control your 8 switches in a single board, with max 200W load you can put on each node)
2) Pert 4-Nodes Wi-Fi Smart Switch(Can control your 4 switches in a single board, with max 200W load you can put on each node)
3) Pert 2-Node Wi-Fi Smart Switch(Can Control your 2 switches in a single board, with max 200 we load on node 1 and with max 2300W load you can put on second node node)
4) Pert Smart Plug (Can control heavy loads like AC, geyser, pump etc, you can put max 3500W load on it)
5) Pert Multi Sensor (Can sense illumination, temp, IR) & it will work as a controller for Motion Sensor & Door Sensor
6) Pert Motion Sensor (Can detect the motion)
7) Pert Door Sensor (Can detect the door open)
8) RGB Light Controller (Can control the RGB Light & you can change the color of the LED)
9) Pert Electronics door lock controller (Control the Electronics Door lock through mobile APP)
10) Pert Curtain Controller (Control the Motorized curtain through mob APP)
11) Pert Microwave Sensor (Automation for lights)
12) Pert Remote ( Can control all remote based devices)
13) Pert 4node (B) ( Can control your 4 switches in a single board, with max 200W load you can put on first node & is dimmable for fan and 2,3 &4 nodes are non dimmable nodes and 1000W load each)

For Commercial Projects:

Pert 15-Node Wi-Fi Smart Switch- 3 Phase (Each Node 16amp. Total-80amp per phase)

Pert 16-Node Wi-Fi Smart Switch- Single Phase (Each Node 16 amp. Total 100 amp)

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Pert Home Automation