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PitchBook is a financial data and software company headquartered in Seattle, with additional offices in New York and London.

We‘re on a mission

It all started with seven people working in a 200-square-foot, windowless office. Founder John Gabbert was pursuing an idea his former employer nixed—a database that covered private equity.

In 2009, we launched PitchBook Desktop. With each new dataset and feature, we‘ve expanded and improved. Now, PitchBook tracks every aspect of the public and private equity markets, including venture capital, private equity and M&A.

Our focus has always been—and will always be—our clients. What data matters most to them? What would make their jobs easier? How can we help them make informed decisions?

Now part of Morningstar, we continue to give our clients the data and tools they need to be successful.

Products & Services


PitchBook offers the most comprehensive data and analysis on companies, investors, limited partners, deals, funds, advisors and professionals. We help more than 23,000 professionals around the world track the market, fundraise, source investments, conduct due diligence, execute deals, network, grow their businesses and more.

An independent subsidiary of Morningstar, PitchBook currently has offices in Seattle, San Francisco, New York and London.

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Technology for the way you work best


PitchBook Desktop

Our award-winning software gives you access to our data and the analytical tools you need to get answers fast, discover promising opportunities and more.

Each feature of PitchBook Desktop is designed to help you work smarter:

Advanced search
Discovery & insights
Company profiles
Workflow & efficiency

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