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PonyPak Systems, Inc.

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PonyPak Systems, Inc. (PSI) has developed new globally disruptive, life-support system technologies for professionals operating in extreme environments both subsea and within terrestrial confined hazmat spaces.

Products & Services

Global industry market verticals:

• professional life-support: military, commercial, industrial, municipal, scientific & educational.
• maintenance & inspection (M&I) of all structures that operate, above, below, upon or contains water.
• all municipal infrastructure (water, sewer, utility mains, plus dams and water towers, etc.)
• all structures, containers, vessels and industrial complexes that manufacture or transport (road, rail, ocean) a hazmat material.
• all ship (commercial, passenger, military) husbandry, maritime wind/tidal farms, oil rigs, harbors & ports, and aquaculture facilities.

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PonyPak Systems, Inc.