Sense Intelligent Inc.

Sense Intelligent Inc.

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Sense Intelligent is a tech innovation driven start-up with proven competitive advantages in sound processing algorism capabilities of hardware optimization:

  • National Innovation Awards in more complicated area (deaf remedy)
  • Industry-leading software solution for optimizing hearing aids hardware
  • Patented technology with disruptive and visionary thinking to build barrier of entries by rivalries
Products & Services

The Cutting-Edge Hearing-Aid Solution By Sense Intelligent

“What-you-hear  is  What-you-get”

Advantages obtained through software knowhow

Proven by Minimal Viable Product (shown on the pictures), our existing solution consists of a professional Receiver-in-Channel Behind-The-Ear hearing-aid hardware and an industry leading uniquely-designed smartphone app, which:

  • Allows users to do self-test without the conventional needs of seeing an audiologist and adaptable to changing environment
  • Our solution is cheaper than most leading brands.
  • It is equipped with advanced features such as automatic fine-tune of the device (with AI) for theoretically unlimited number of environment settings

While the key leading competitors still have to rely on “testing results” profile to do manual tuning by experts.

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Sense Intelligent Inc.