Tata Power Company

Tata Power Company

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Tata Power, together with its subsidiaries & joint entities, has a generation capacity of 12742 MW of which 30% comes from clean energy sources. The company has the distinction of being among the top private players in each sector of the value chain including solar rooftop and value-added services.

Tata Power is a pioneer credited with steering the energy sector on technology, process and platform. Powering emerging technologies for the ‘smart’ customer, Tata Power’s latest business integrated solutions, focusing on mobility and lifestyle, is poised for multi-fold growth.

With its 103 years track record of technology leadership, project execution excellence, world-class safety processes, customer care and driving green initiatives, Tata Power is committed to ‘lighting up lives’ for generations to come.

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Tata Power Co Ltd is an Indian electric utility company within the Tata Group multinational conglomerate that builds, operates, and maintains power generation and distribution facilities. With the help of its seven key subsidiaries and numerous joint-venture companies, Tata Power generates most of its revenue through the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy throughout India. Most of this energy is produced from thermal fuel sources, such as coal, oil, and gas. Additionally, Tata Power engages in the production of energy from hydroelectric and renewable sources, including multiple hydroelectric and wind power projects located throughout Africa. The company’s second- largest source of revenue comes from the sale and auction of coal extracted from its mines.

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Tata Power Company