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TiVo Corporation

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The world is watching like never before. Watching is break time. It’s me time. It’s let’s binge five episodes at once time.

But watching has also become complicated. These days, we’re drowning in choices.

Watch time has become search time. The delight of the find has been replaced by the dread of the search. It’s an all-consuming, time-ballooning dedication to swiping, scrolling and settling.

TiVo doesn’t believe in settling. Our simplified approach to watching helps people uncover precise, carefully curated finds. TiVo brings entertainment together, making it easy to find, watch and enjoy. We serve up the best movies, shows and videos from across live TV, on-demand, streaming services and countless apps.

To the watchers, go ahead! Dissect and discuss. Analyze and obsess. Watch what you want, when you can, on your own terms.

To the creators, revel in the comfort of knowing your programs are fueling fandom. Leave the details to us. TiVo.

Enjoy watching.

Products & Services

TiVo Corp is engaged in media and entertainment products. It provides a broad set of cloud-based services, embedded software solutions and intellectual property that enable people to find and enjoy online video, television programming, movies and music entertainment. In addition, it also offers advanced media and advertising solutions, including viewership data, audience insights and advertising and programming promotion optimization, which enable advanced audience targeting in linear television advertising. The group solutions are sold globally to cable, satellite, and telecommunications pay-TV service providers, virtual service providers, content and new media companies and advertisers. Geographically its presence is seen in US and other international markets.

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