TLB Enterprises Group Holding

TLB Enterprises Group Holding

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TLB Enterprises Group Holding, an international consulting firm located near Dubai and has spent the past ten years developing renewable energy and sustainability projects internationally. Our company has  spent a significant amount of time working in African and Asian countries. The compnay has a consulting arm with highly talented and skilled team members in organizational development and is experienced in dealing with: group dynamics, performance management programs, management of outcomes and developmental systems.

The team posses proven leadership skills, experience in dealing with diverse groups and individuals, and strong strategic thinking and management capabilities.

Our US base of operations are headquarter in Miami Florida developing business opportunities though our US branch TLB Enterprises Group Holding, LLC. and a Holding company in Florida. We own a number of sister companies and our ocean energy company is SebaiCMET, Inc., based in Melbourne, Florida, focusing on ocean wave renewable energy and alternative water systems as well as other renewable energy initiatives . Our Research and development company is Clean and Green Enterprises, Inc., based in Florida, USA near the Kennedy Space Center, concentrating on research and development while creating disruptive technologies and integration models for business in the age of digital and Artificial Intelligence.

We recently launched a food manufacturing and alternative farming conglomerate utilizing containers to create Hydroponic and Aquaponic solutions in Central Florida, STUDPAC MUSA Corporation, visit our website at .

Specialties: Renewable energy project management, development and consulting; global project engagement and strategic consulting experience related to sustainability projects. Skilled in strategic, analytic and action planning activities.


TLB Enterprises Group Holding