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Modern business is broken. On one hand, growing companies who want to focus on doing what they love are plagued by user-unfriendly and time-consuming solutions for essential tasks like invoicing and payments. On the other, enterprises striving for a more efficient digital future find themselves compromising when partners aren’t ready, willing or able to join such a reality.

Tradeshift rethinks all of this. In establishing a platform for all your business interactions, it helps smaller companies run more efficiently, harnessing the power of their network to create new value from old processes. Apps like e-invoicing become a route to getting paid faster or even open doors like dynamic discounting.

Meanwhile, enterprises that work with tens of thousands of companies like this find themselves surrounded by partners of all sizes who are already connected with them on a single, global, 100% electronic platform.

Tradeshift is the first step toward a smarter, better, network-powered business.

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612 Howard St, San Francisco, California 94105, 94105 United States