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Uppy! developed a unique travel recovery mix that helps in body circulation, improves the immune system, and reduces tiredness. Our purpose is not only to help travellers feel refreshed, but also end their trip in a better shape. Our solution helps in rehydrating and replenishing yourself efficiently and recovering from travel fatigue and jetlag much faster. Uppy! offers effervescent tablets that are easy to carry for every day uses and dissolve in a glass of water. The active energy tablets works as water multiplier, and is provided with added vitamins and minerals for energy, recovery and wellness. Our formula boosts with antioxidants, wrapped in a flavoursome lemon-lime ginger taste.


Contact Us:

Uppy! AB, Sundstorget 2

SE-252 21 Helsingborg


Email: Info@uppyflyer.com

Website: uppyflyer.com