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Blackstone in London Sets Vaccine Rule to Work in Office


3 hours agoErin Griffith On redirect we discuss the definition of a start-up, rebutting defense’s claim that Theranos was just a tiny upstart dealing with a big bad corporation. “Do you differentiate between a start-up that is 7-10 years old vs one that is just starting out of a garage?” 4 hours agoErin Griffith Downey trying to make the case that Safeway’s stock had had a big drop between prior to Burd leaving. He does not take that bait. “In 20 years, that happens frequently.” 4 hours agoErin Griffith We go back and forth over the Theranos lab set up as a test on Safeway’s corporate campus. Burd was frustrated that it was supposed to have a “box,” one of Theranos’s blood analyzers, but for “secrecy” reasons, didn’t get one. Eventually it was shut down. 4 hours agoErin Griffith Downey has grilled Burd on the legal details of their partnership that gave Safeway exclusivity rights, paybacks, etc. on whether there was …

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