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Jerome Powell says supply chain pressures will last ‘likely well into next year,’ and the Fed is prepared to react.


 Erin Woo OK, and we’re now back to an email Downey brought up, where Holmes wants to put the language around the venous draw in the main body of text. The language she wanted called venipunctures “uncommon.” Bostic points out that venous draws were used in 40 percent of the time at Walgreens.  Erin Woo Bostic: Who had final say over what results were reported in the demo? Edlin: Daniel did and Elizabeth did.  Erin Woo Bostic: Was part of that a desire to show that the technology performed well? Edlin: Yes. Bostic: How is this purpose served by hiding errors? Edlin: I don’t know. Bostic: What about withholding results? Edlin: I don’t know.  Erin Woo Rapid-fire questioning from Bostic just now. Edlin: The purpose of the tech demonstrations was to “showcase or demonstrate the Theranos technology. In some cases, tests were run. In others, tests weren’t run. In general, to show the functionality of the Theranos technology.”  Erin Woo Back from break, and Bostic says he has around 30 minutes left of cross-examination. Downey says that we’ll finish with Edlin today. We’re now looking at a document regarding the Limited Objective Experiment with the U.S. Central Command, which Edlin testified again did not occur. Completion of this study was a prerequisite to clinical use of Theranos devices by the military, Edlin confirms.
 Erin Woo Downey wraps cross, and Bostic is back for redirect. We’re starting with the relati …

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