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Wisdom is a social audio app for opening access to mentorship


UK social audio startup Wisdom has launched a new mentorship marketplace that’s described as a mix between Clubhouse and the celebrity-focused courses platform Masterclass.
The app lets users log on to find conversations which they can join live (with the chance to ask questions) or listen back to on-demand (streamed talks are automatically saved to the profile of the talk giver).
The idea is for conversations to be centered around advice. But that advice can be on pretty much anything people want to hear about — from the get-go there’s a broad range of topics in play, from parenting and dating, to career and finance, mental health and wellbeing, fitness and more.
The startup says it’s built a ‘TikTok-style’ algorithm to recommend talks to users based on topic hashtags and behavioral data-mining — factoring in things like what users are clicking on how much sustained engagemen …

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