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After Urban Flight, Corporate Campuses Add a Taste of the City


Others took the same path out of the city. In 1958, General Mills opened its suburban headquarters, a statement of glass-enclosed modernism, eight miles outside Minneapolis. IBM moved from Manhattan and opened its gated headquarters in 1964 in Armonk, N.Y., on land that was once an apple orchard. Allstate opened its headquarters in 1967 on 122 acres in Northbrook, Ill., outside Chicago.Capital One’s plan for a new headquarters fit the 20th-century model in 1999 when it bought 26 acres in Tysons Corner, a four-square-mile commercial center near the intersection of the Capital Beltway and the Dulles Toll Road, two of the busiest highways in suburban Washington. At the time, Tysons Corner was the embodiment of what the author Joel Garreau called an edge city — a …

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