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It’s Hard to Tell When the Crypto Bubble Will Burst, or If There Is One


Despite their volatile and occasionally inscrutable nature, cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely traded, used and held — El Salvador recently started accepting Bitcoin as legal tender, the Federal Reserve is studying whether to issue its own digital coin, and wealth managers are encouraging clients to explore crypto assets.So how does a new investor make sense of crypto and its constantly changing landscape?The short answer: It’s impossible.There are so few reliable measures of value that it’s hard to tell whether the excitement around a particular cryptocurrency is justified — or a bubble about to burst. Traditional financial analysis doesn’t apply here. A stock analyst, for instance, determines whether a company’s shares are expensive or cheap by assessing its business model, future prospects and leadership. But few, if any, of those metrics translate to cryptocurrency valuation. Belief alone can drive value.It’s hard to even know what counts as a “cryptocurrency.” Bitcoin and Ether are widely regarde …

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