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Fintech Roundup: Will financial technology startups dodge the venture slowdown?


Welcome to my weekly fintech-focused column. I’ll be publishing this every Sunday, so in between posts, be sure to listen to the Equity podcast and hear Alex Wilhelm, Natasha Mascarenhas and me riff on all things startups! And if you want to have this hit your inbox directly once it officially turns into a newsletter on May 1, sign up here.
On March 25, PitchBook released its 2021 Annual Fintech Report, which found that the fintech industry raised $121.6 billion last year — up 153% year-over-year in terms of global VC deal value. Alex and I will be doing a deep dive on that report next week, but it’s a nice lead-in to what I’m examining today.
There has been much talk as of late of a slowdown in venture funding. But if this past week’s mega-rounds in fintech are any indication, the sector is proving it has the potential to be quite the outlier – at least for now.
In what was not a surprise but is still noteworthy, corporate spend and expe …

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