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Nvidia’s Clara Holoscan MGX means to bring high-powered AI to the doctor’s office


This week, Nvidia, a company best known for its high-powered graphic processing units (GPUs) debuted a platform for the development of AI-powered medical devices. The device, called Clara Holoscan MGX, provides computing power allowing medical sensors to process multiple data streams in parallel, train AI algorithms, and visualize biology in real time.
Clara Holoscan MGX, debuted at the Nvidia’s 2022 GTC conference, is an “open, scalable robotics platform,” as CEO Jensen Huang put it in a keynote address. It’s a hardware and software stack designed to help connect robotic medical devices or sensors, with AI applications.
How might that work? Take the process of endoscopy as an example. Typically, a doctor will insert a small camera inside your body and take a look around. Clara Holoscan MGX can connect directly to that camera, and process the data that’s being collected in real …

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