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Upstash snags $1.9M seed to build serverless data platform for Redis and Kafka


When it comes to data-intensive applications, setting up the infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming. You’re often paying for resources you aren’t using, even in the cloud. That’s where serverless plays best — you only pay for the resources when you’re using them, not when they’re sitting idle.
Upstash, an early-stage startup, is building a serverless data platform for developers of data-intensive applications using a consumption-based pricing model, which should help drive down prices. For starters, it supports Redis and Kafka, two popular open source projects.
As Upstash founder and CEO Enes Akar explained, just to set up the database infrastructure in the cloud costs hundreds of dollars a month, even before you start moving data through your system. While there are managed versions of these services, Akar wanted to abstract away ev …

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