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Spanish scale-ups club together to shift the tech policy agenda


In the latest spark from its fast evolving tech ecosystem, Spain’s scale-ups are banding together to lobby lawmakers and press the economic case for their high-tech, high-growth business model more broadly.
The new lobby group, called EsTech (aka ‘Es’ for España), had its official launch last week — when it unveiled nine founding company members spanning a range of industries, including gig platforms, B2B software, energy, entertainment and health tech — namely: Cabify, Factorial, Filmin, Glovo, Wallbox, Holaluz, Neuroelectrics, Jobandtalent and Red Points.
The group wants to create the conditions for a new IBEX35 based in tech as EsTech’s president told local journalists covering the launch — so the idea is for it to grow substantially in size too.
The hope is that many more of Spain’s 400+ fast growing startups will soon get big and ambitious enough to join the program, according to Carina Szpilka, a general partner at the Madrid-based VC firm, K Fund, and president of the broader Adigital digital business association which is supporting EsTech’s launch, alongside another local trade group, Endeavor, and the Spanish VC association, Ascri.
Other fast growing Spanish startups Typeform, Travel Perk, Heura Foods and Wallapop are suggested as likely candidates to be next in line to join the club.
“We are convinced that the contribution of these type of companies, especially the scale-ups …

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