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Leaked Uber Files reveal history of lawbreaking, lobbying and exploiting violence against drivers


Thousands of leaked confidential files reveal a treasure trove of sketchy and unlawful behavior from Uber. The Uber Files, which were originally shared with The Guardian and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, show a company that has knowingly broken laws, gone to extreme lengths to avoid justice, secretly lobbied governments, received aid from top politicians and exploited violence against drivers to drum up business.
The damning leak of more than 124,000 documents, now known as the Uber Files, spans a five-year period between 2013 and 2017. It covers Uber’s operations across 40 countries when Uber was still run by co-founder Travis Kalanick, who took an aggressive approach to bringing the ride-hailing service into cities around the world, even when doing so would break local laws and taxi regulations.
The documents, which include 83,000 emails and 1,000 other files …

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